Month: September 2016

9 Reasons Why Do We Celebrate Diwali

Happy Diwali

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated and one of the most cheerful festivals of India. Every year, this is the one festival which is the most awaited and does require a lot of arrangements to be made which are usually set in motion around 2-3 months before the […]

Top 5 E-Commerce Sites Providing Affiliate Services


Bloggers and website owners these days associate their sites with e-commerce websites by using links that direct to those e-commerce sites, increasing more traffic. These affiliate programs help them to earn commission from the number of clicks on links which in other terms is known as affiliate marketing. Here are […]

5 Lessons Women Should Learn from the Movie PINK


So, everyone is talking about the new influential Bollywood courtroom drama known as the movie PINK. After Neerja, the Bollywood has again offered its audience a dose of reality, no fakeness attached. The movie features Amitabh Bachchan, Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Angad Bedi in the main roles. The movie […]

Dusshera-A Festival of Victory, Love & Peace!


Navaratri, the season of holidays is around the corner and we all are planning to celebrate this with our different rituals! Ten days of celebration, off from our daily routine, visiting neighbors, attending functions and participating in celebrations are something that thrilled us! Shouldn’t we know more about this Navaratri […]

10 Best Selling Fiction Novels by Great Authors

Fiction Novels

Fiction is a literary genre where the author creates an imaginary world with some characters in it. Following are 10 best selling fiction novels that people loved throughout years to this date. 1. Gone with the wind It’s one of the best-selling American fiction novels written by Margaret Mitchell. This […]

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools Of 2016

Social Media Marketing

The world has today more than million social media users, now imagine the ways a business can grow with the help of social media marketing tools. It will improve your marketing efficiency, will get your content noticed and will also get you better results. These Marketing tools are necessary if […]