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7 Signs You Have a Vitamin Deficiency


Healthy eating not only avoids health troubles but also greatly affects your mental well-being. Eating wrong has developed many avoidable disease conditions. Nowadays a typical meal doesn’t contain all the essential nutrients. Our body is very smart and produces many telltale signs of vitamin deficiency. If you are equally smart […]

Why Do You Have Sudden Sugar Cravings?

Sudden Sugar Cravings

Cut back the sugar! Eat less sugar! These slogans hit wherever you go, and still, you cannot curb the cravings for sugar. Your body is perfectly engineered for the appropriate intake of carbohydrate, proteins, and fat. An extra dose of any of these due to sudden sugar cravings the body […]

Your Gadgets Might Be Smart, But You Must Be Smarter!


Don’t have a Smartphone or a tablet or an iPad? Then you are not the part of an elite group. Owning these modern gadgets is a symbol of luxury. Really? Is it the only truth? Wait a minute! Let’s reconsider. They may or may not be luxurious, but they undoubtedly […]