How to make money with Google Adwords?


Do you know what ad words by Google are? These are little advertisements that displayed on a Google search engine. They, usually, appear on the top right corner of the browser every time when you search something related to the keywords. These ads can be purchased by anyone whether you have a small business or having a large corporation.

How Google ad words work?

The main technique behind the Google ad words advertising is the pay-per-click. It means if you have an ad on the Google search which is searched by the people who put the particular phrase or keywords related to your business. And if a potential customer clicks on your ad then you have to pay some predetermined amount of money to the Google. If you want to have an ad on the Google then, you have to bid for that only then your advertisement will show to the people. Your rank over the search depends upon your bid; if your bid is higher you will get a higher rank automatically. Amount of bid is totally dependent upon the competition related to the particular keyword.

Why this P-P-C technique is lucrative and effective? In this system, you have to pay when someone views your advertisement. It is cost effective method of advertising where you can budget time-to-time accordingly.

You may be thinking why Google? But you already know that Google is the king of all search engines. They have an account for more than 200 million searches per day which means if you put your advertisement on the Google, the very moment immediate results can be shown. Their ad words tools are the most excellent for advertising any product or service. You can analyze the keywords efficiency because if which you can get quality traffic.

How to manage the ad words account?

First of all you should know how to manage your ad words account. If you are have a difficulty while understanding its features then they have agencies and consultant who will offer account management service on your behalf. It means if you are not advertising expert then also you can make your position in the global market. Google have program especially for the advertising professionals for the certifications, but they should have some specific qualifications and need to pass one exam. Google also provide the software to the agencies or consultants which we call ad words editor.

The one most important part is the choice of keyword because visibility of your advertisement totally depends upon the selection of the keyword. There is a keyword planner that provides a list of related keyword from where you have to select a specific keyword related to your website.

Restrictions for advertisement content

There was some restriction till 2008 related to some particular keywords such as hard alcohol and liquor sale. In December 2008, due to one policy change Google got an extension in which they can promote the branding of alcohol and liquor.  Some other keywords are there which are banned like hacking, and some trademarked words but these restrictions vary country to country.  There are some countries that have restriction for alcohol; some have for casino, some have for adult related content. Most of the time, these are the topics of the debate whose conclusion cannot be drawn.

How to make money from PPC?

As you know, most of the people search the internet if they want any information. It has proved to be a blessing for many businesses as they can get more clients through it. They are providing all the information related to their product and service. Over this platform, they can directly communicate to their customers. It also helps in saving the money and get more business to them.

These are some steps that help in understanding how you can make most out it;

  • First of all, make a website and list all the products with the details then create your Google ad words
  • Once account is created then start using the tab that is called Tool and Analysis.
  • Go to the tool that is used to check the traffic. Keyword tool will show some keywords and related traffic.
  • You should spend some time over the selection of the keywords you want to choose.

Once the list is being created, you should create a campaign that describes your product and its features in a very crisp manner. After that you need to add this campaign in the Add group, it is suggested to add more than one. Only then one can cover multiple keywords and more relevant.

After posting the advertisement, you should monitor ad on a regular basis only then you can get an idea about the expenditures and the ranking you have over the search engine.  By monitoring, you become aware of the latest trends your competitors are following. By analyzing closely through the rate of your keywords, you will get to know which keyword is worth to spend more money.

Let’s take an example, if you are getting 1% conversion ratio which means for every 100 visitors only one sale is happens, then also it is profitable for you. The matter of fact is you should confirm that at least 100 visitors are there for your add. If it does not happen then you should create a new campaign as well as change the keyword that brings traffic to your website. But if present keyword is bringing enough traffic and your conversion rate is high then you can reduce the price of the bid. With this way, you can save more money.

Pictures are not always helpful

In the case of Google, it is quite fact that if your keyword and phrase are not good then Google will not help you to get traffic.  As everybody knows Google prefers good keywords and phrases, this is the main point of understanding which most of the people avoid.

Well! If you are looking for the promotion of your website and want to get high rank over the Google then don not look anywhere.  We are here to help you and guide you about all your marketing related needs.

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