Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools Of 2016

Social Media Marketing

The world has today more than million social media users, now imagine the ways a business can grow with the help of social media marketing tools. It will improve your marketing efficiency, will get your content noticed and will also get you better results. These Marketing tools are necessary if you would like to promote your business and as well as stay in the extreme cut-throat competitive market along with your other competitors. Here we have singled out 10 of these tools to fit your business needs.

  1. Hootsuite

Social Media Marketing

This tool is used by more than 10 million social media professionals. Hootsuite will let you monitor and schedule all your social media campaigns. Not just that, but this tool also helps you to know public reviews through which you could take some pointers to improve the campaign. And the other team tools in Hootsuite will help your Social Media team to create the best content.

  1. Buffer


This tool allows you to create as well as spread number of promotion posts through your chosen social profile. Buffer also shortens the link of your post which makes it easy to analyze the reports. Other features include maintaining transparency and external integration.

  1. Rebel Mouse

Rebel Mouse

Rebel mouse helps you improve your web presence of all your content already accessed on various publishing platforms, i.e. doing its job as a content aggregator. Other than that, it also offers you the option having customized layout for your content. You can also monitor your social presence through this tool and curate new attractive pages for promotion.

  1. Bitly


Long URLs are potential traffic Repeller whereas short URLs help maintain data that optimizes marketing strategies. So bitly help shorten these URLs which will bring plenty of investors to the site and also help track the presence just like other tools. Instagram and Twitter are the best social media platform for this tool to use.

  1. Topsy Marketing tool


This tool will help you to create a good search source for you social media campaigns. All you need to do is type a keyword, and the results will appear arranged with a number of links, users, tweets, photos, and videos. With finding the best social media source for your content the tool help in finding your relevant audience.

  1. Share As Image


Now called “Stencil”, this Marketing Tool is a slightly different from other tools as it helps in speeding up the process of your content sharing. The name suggests that this tool has a particular focus on the image’s aspect and so “Share As Image” create and share images with different fonts on social media platforms.

  1. Canvas


The tool can transform your less detailed ideas to fantastic looking designs. The tool offers designs for your invitations, flyers, posters, blog graphics, presentation and facebook covers. It also has several collections of stickers which also you can use to make your dull posts into something more attractive and exciting.

  1. Feedly


Feedly help you shape up your skill when it comes to social media marketing by identifying the industry trends that your campaign is lacking in. All this is done through by content curating and sharing with the help of Buffer tool.

  1. Circloscope


This tool helps us list out all the active high profile and renowned Google plus influence’rs of every niche. It helps you set your audience who may help you promote with their posts.

  1. Click to tweet

Click To tweet

The name says it all. The tool is used for tweeting on Twitter and helps create as well as track promotional link and messages.

These were the marketing tools and from their help, you could promote your business in more efficient and easy ways.

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