Top 5 E-Commerce Sites Providing Affiliate Services


Bloggers and website owners these days associate their sites with e-commerce websites by using links that direct to those e-commerce sites, increasing more traffic. These affiliate programs help them to earn commission from the number of clicks on links which in other terms is known as affiliate marketing. Here are 5 e-commerce sites which will help you grow your business.

1. Amazon associates program

Affiliate Services

Amazon’s affiliate program is known by this name. Amazon is the world’s largest e-marketplace, making heaps of money. You could also make some money by signing up for free. All you need to do is create a website that attracts huge traffic and post blog with links to the products from Amazon. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, and you wrote a blog about top 5 lipsticks, you have to post the product links from Amazon in your blog. The different commission is offered for different departments. For fashion and lifestyle, they provide 15%, electronics, and gadgets- 4%, books- 10%, etc. payment is done through check and net-banking.

2. Shopify affiliate program

Affiliate Services

Shopify provides an e-commerce solution for entrepreneurs who want to build their own online store at an affordable price. There is no technical headache, all you got to do is sit back on the chair and let the marketers do all the work for you. Shopify helps you manage the truly important aspects of your business, such as changing the design of the store, checking on incoming orders and transactions, uploading products, accepting orders from a credit card, marketing tools, etc. Shopify takes the responsibility of running and promoting your store with you focusing on building your products. You can make up to $2,400 sale with Shopify as your affiliate partner.

3. Ebay partner network

Affiliate Services

It is an in-house affiliate program of Ebay. They help in monetizing the online marketer’s websites through mobile apps, social platforms by driving larger amount of traffic to the sites. The more revenue your traffic generate, the more money you earn the commission. They also provide a 200% referral bonus for driving new buyers to purchase their product. But the payment you’ll receive will be in US dollars which you can convert in any bank of India.

4. Flipkart

Affiliate Services

Being India’s leading e-commerce site, they insist on providing everything from clothes to furniture. You’ve spent plenty of days, spending money on buying their products, but through their affiliate program, you can earn some bucks too. You can make up to Rs. 25,000 in 30 days.  By being an affiliate, you’ll help their product to sell and would earn some percentage of commission in exchange. Like Amazon you have to choose the products to suit your niche for affiliate marketing.

5. Tradus

Affiliate Services

For people who don’t know what Tradus is, you should be aware that Tradus is an online retail seller site operated by Ibibo. Their affiliate program offers 30 days of cookie tracking.  They provide different commission for various departments, such as 10% for personal care, accessories 12%, and others with a commission of 10%. The maximum revenue per transaction is Rs. 500.

Thus, with these numerous affiliate networks and programs, you can grow your business on the couch, wearing pajama. You could make fortunes if done in a detailed manner.

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