7 Life Lessons You Should Learn From Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi

In ‘Dear Zindagi,’ Kaira (played by Alia Bhatt) is an aspiring cinematographer who is gorgeous, smart, modern, and talented but also lost, alone, confused and very scared. She has everything in life whether it’s family, friends, and good looking lover but then her life is complicated just like all of ours. To get her life back on track she meets our King of Romance “Mr. SRK” playing the role of Dr. Jehangir Khan, a charming therapist. These, psychiatrist’ sessions give us all deep psychological insights into love, relationships, expressing one’s feelings candidly, staying happy and ultimately enjoying our life to the fullest.

1. Do we live in the past?

Dear Zindagi

We always regret of not pursuing our dreams, missing that chance, opportunities, and what not. And the result is we fail to relish today – the present moment.  We fail to recognize what opportunities life has brought today for us to make our future – beautiful. So, don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future.

2. Do we do things to impress others?

Dear Zindagi

Whether it’s getting ready for a date, making food for the family, or manipulating words to praise our boss– we all are in a rat race to impress others. Because it’s utmost important for us to know what ‘Pammiji’ or ‘Shuklaji’ is saying about us without even thinking about ourselves. We perceive ourselves just like what society is making us see or believe. We failed to believe in our strengths, weakness, needs, desires, etc. So, another life lesson by Dear Zindagi – When we fully understand ourselves then other’s opinion about us doesn’t really matter.

3. Why do we hesitate to express our feelings?

Dear Zindagi

Every one of you might have encountered problems of expressing your feelings openly either to your mom or friend or husband sometime or the other. Why we always hesitate to come out openly with our feelings whether its anger, frustrations, jealousy, or hatred? We try to compress it as far as possible with the fear that others will perceive us in a negative way. We’re afraid to cry in public to avoid embarrassment. It leads to a complicated relationship, misunderstandings, depressions, and failed ties with our near and dear one. So, Dear Zindagi has rightly said – Express your sadness, anger, jealousy to enable you to express your love.

4. How do we put an end to the solution?

Dear Zindagi

We all have our set of problems, worries, goals, aspirations, etc. So we have to set our own rules, guidelines, conditions to achieve these aims or solve those problems. We can always take hints and cues from our friends, relatives, to help us lead a happy lifestyle. But, their set of criteria may or may not suit us. We always have to listen to our intuitions & then make decisions.  Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Someone can help you find pieces, but you’ll have to play and complete your game

5. Why we always choose the difficult path to lead to our success?

Dear Zindagi

We might even achieve success by choosing a simple path. It’s so true. We always feel if we do white collar job with a high qualified degree, roaming in Mercedes, then only we’re successful. One thing we fail to realize is that success can only be achieved with happiness. If being a housewife makes you happy then you’re successful! So don’t make your life complicated. Be Simple and yet you can achieve success.

6. Do we realize that life is series of ups and downs?

Dear Zindagi

We fall, we rise, we learn, we prosper. We face problems, and we keep on solving them. So everyone, in the mystery called ‘Life’ is on learning stage. Every day, the sunshine brings new beginnings, new opportunities, and a new set of problems too. Every day we evolve as a person. Well, remember Genius is not someone who has all the answers but someone who has the patience for all the answers.

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7. How to choose our life partner – Dear Zindagi has an answer!

Dear Zindagi

In life, we are always confused with our life partners. Somehow, we always end up with good looks, money, or status. We don’t check whether we’re compatible with each other or not. Whether we love each other or not. Rightly said in Dear Zindagi – We search for so many varieties for purchasing one single chair then why to make hasty decisions while choosing a life partner.

So, happiness is all about being content with life’s imperfections – this is what the movie Dear Zindagi is all about.

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