7 Iconic Sonu Nigam Bollywood Songs

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Sonu Nigam has been in the Bollywood business for quite some time now. He started his singing career at just the young age of four when he gave his first live performance with his father on “Kya Hua Tera Vada”  a song by Mohammad Rafi. Presently, the 43-year-old singer has been under the radar for his comment on Muslim’s aazan prayer. He has just shaved his head against the fatwa issued in his name. But, we are not here to talk about all that.  We at Buzzforinfo are huge fans of his voice and work.In fact, we have curated the list of Sonu Nigam’s top songs which till date remain as melodious as the first day he sang them. Read on and guaranteed you will add all these songs to your playlist.

1. Sandese Aate Hain (Border) (1997)

This very emotional song made all Indians very proud of all our soldiers staying at the border away from their families. This song tells how soldiers wait for mail so that they know how their family is doing back home. Sonu Nigam sang this song touching a million hearts.

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2. Sooraj Hua Madham (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham)(2001)

This love anthem starring Bollywood’s favorite couple Shahrukh Khan and Kajol was voiced by Sonu Nigam. This song makes us instantly picture a saree clad Kajol running towards King Khan in the deserts of Egypt. This song is till date is a top choice for all couple dances on anniversaries.

3. Sathiya (Sathiya) (2002)

This slow song depicting sheer love starring Rani Mukherjee and Vivek Oberoi took the audience by storm. Once you start singing this song it is hard to get it out of your head; you will be playing it on loop.

4. Kal Ho Na Ho (Kal Ho Na Ho) (2003)

Who can forget the adorable Aman Verma? When he sings this song on the streets of New York, we all fell for him a little bit harder. The song not only has a fantastic tune to it but a very deep meaning. Written by the great Javed Akhtar this song explains the true meaning of life and tells us to enjoy life at every moment after all who know about tomorrow?

5. Main Hoon Na (Main Hoon Na) (2004)

The makeover song when Shahrukh Khan tries to adjust to a college life, we all love this song don’t we? I mean at one point in our lives we too have tried to reassure a friend not to worry about anything saying Main Hoon Na. Only to get back an answer saying “is like to tension hai.”

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6. Agar Mein Kahoon (Lakshaya) (2004)

Hrithik Roshan trying to woo Preity Zinta with a song is just the cutest thing ever. The lyrics of this song will make sure you smile and will take you back to your first college love. Add this song to your playlist right now and try making your partner laugh with it.

7. Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin (Agneepath) (2012)

Another one starring Hrithik Roshan this song will move you to tears it touches you to the core. This song shows the hardship of life and tells the success stories of the protagonist.

Well, we are sure you must be reminiscing about all these songs. So go ahead and download them.  Till then, do not forget to subscribe our page and follow us on facebook, twitter, Instagram. So stay tuned for more info like this.

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