Tips to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving

Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an adventurous game that asks players to move out of their homes and search for the nearby wild Pokemon. Many People found this game interesting but started feeling body ache. If you are one of them but still want to play this wonderful game but don’t want to move an inch, we are here with some of the useful tips that can help you play Pokemon go a game without any fatigue.

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1. The first tip to play Pokemon go and find the Pokemon’s without moving.

Play Pokemon Go

a. You need to open your Pokémon Go app and plug-in your smartphone.

b. Now access your Twitter timeline from somewhere else.

c. It keeps your game active and running and you are likely to come across wild Pokémons quickly.

d. Please note that this method doesn’t hold true for the rarest Pokémon.

2. Activate Incense option to catch your Pokemon

Play Pokemon Go

If you want to play Pokemon go but don’t want to move from your place, use an option of Incense that is basically provided to allure Pokemon so that they can easily come near to your screen. Let us see how you can activate this feature:

a. You will get Poké Ball option provided at the bottom of your screen. If you want to activate Incense, tap this option.

b. After step 1, Tap“Items” and go to “Incense” options.

c. Your incense pot will be displayed on the main screen.

d. You can simply Tap it and activate the Incense option for another 30 minutes time. Make sure you use this option wisely because the timer will continue to run even if you leave your play space.

3. Lure Module, another form of Incense

Play Pokemon Go

This Module is available in PokéStop; you can activate it from your location. Lure Module is expected to benefit most of the Trainers so you can look forward to building a healthy relationship with different trainers of the Pokemon World.

You need to put some efforts here by visiting PokéStop.

Let us now see some of the easy steps to access Lure Module:

a. Go to PokéStop and tap the option available on the map.

b. If Lure Module is not active, simply tap the rectangle figure provided at the top of your display screen. In the case, Lure Module is active; you will see beautiful pink petals that would float around your PokéStop.

c. Activating Lure Module will help you play Pokemon go easily.

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4. Stop walking while you hatch the Eggs

Play Pokemon Go

The hatching of eggs is basically related to the distance you travel. You need to fool your phone and pretend as if you are walking. If you are traveling by car and try to count your 10 kms distance traveled, then the system will not detect it.

Hope these simple tips help you play Pokemon go without moving, with the same fun and excitement level as you used to play while moving.

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