10 Fashion Tips To Keep Your Wardrobe In Good Health!!


Having to update your wardrobe often can be expensive, and it’ll leave you broke. Here’s how to keep your wardrobe healthy so that all your favorite clothes will last much longer, and you can get the most bang for the buck on all the money you spent on your favorite designers.

1. Circulate Your Wears

It is important to make sure that you don’t have five dresses hanging in the front of your closet that you wear all the time while the rest of your clothes are just collecting dust in the back. Circulating your wear allows you to have sufficient time between wears of the same pieces of clothing so that they don’t undergo wear and tear faster than they should. It also encourages you always to buy clothes that fit you well, which you’re comfortable wearing instead of having impulsive buys, promising you’ll lose weight to fit into them. After you wash your clothes and iron them, face their hanger the opposite way when you return them to your closet so that it is obvious to you which clothes you wear often and which can be thrown out or given away. Overall, this makes for an organized closet that is a key.

2. Stains

Messy ladies pay close attention! Deodorant stains can be removed by rubbing the area with a clean part of the same piece of the clothing brand. Beverage or blood stains can be removed by soaking the stain in cool water then laundering with bleach, if safe for fabric. For rust or discoloration, use rust remover and never use bleach as it will intensify the discoloration. Treat ink stains with rubbing alcohol before laundering. Nail polish stains may be impossible to remove so be careful while getting a manicure but you can try placing the stain face down on a paper towel and applying nail polish remover from the back. If this does not work, you may not be able to remove the stain. Red wine stains can be removed using white wine.

3. Lint, Static Cling & Runs in your Tights

Lint can be used removing lint removing tape if not regular duct tape from around your home. Static cling can be gotten rid of by running dryer paper down your hems. Runs in your rights can be covered by painting over them with clear nail polish.

a. Tight Shoes

Instead of throwing them out, blow dry the rims of the shoes on high. You can do the same for any pair of shoes that may cause shoe bites on the first few wears. Or, you can wear them with sock and break them in by walking around your home before you wear them out.

b. Zipper Quick Fixes

For a zipper stuck halfway on track, you may rub some lip balm, a little bit of candle wax or pencil lead on it until it moves smoothly. If your zipper has trouble staying up, you may spray hairspray on the zipper to give it some friction on the tracks or loop a key ring onto the zipper and hook the key ring on your jeans button before you button up so that you can remain worry free.

c. Prevent dark jeans from fading

Turn your jeans inside out before washing and be sure to throw in half a cup of white vinegar to keep the dye intact. Let the jeans air dry.

d. Avoid sweat stains

If you’re out for a nerve wrecking presentation and don’t want your sweat stains to give it all away, use a panty liner to line each underarm of the clothing. There will be no discomfort as the panty liner will be soft on your underarms while locking in the sweat.

e. Remove bad shoe stink

Leave baking soda in them overnight or leave used tea bags in them for a few hours and you’ll have odorless shoes in no time.

f. Remove sweat stains

Sweat stains and collar scuffs can be removed by spraying the problem areas with lemon juice before throwing them in the wash.

g. Popped buttons

If you don’t have time to fix that button that’s unraveling, spray hairspray over it to make it stay or run clear nail polish over it. You could also pin a brooch on the problem area of the button has already come off and give your outfit a quick revamping.

These tips are to save you from any wardrobe malfunctions and also to keep your closet happy for as long as possible to keep them in mind next time before panicking over a fashion mishap!

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