10 Make-Up Looks for This Christmas

makeup look

It’s time to get ready for upcoming Christmas day with the best make-up looks. Your glamor can be versatile ranging from bold lips to smoky eyes.

Just skim through the different styles of makeup below.

Gorgeous Make-Up looks dedicated to everyone:

1. Vampy Lips:

makeup look

The combination of vampy lips and large eyelash might give the stunning appearance and nobody can forget it once seen. Of course, Christmas party is the great event to try this new look.

2. Snowy Make-up:

Adding a twinkling effect to your makeup looks is another great option during festival times. Make use of white color while applying eyeliner and mascara. It gives a snowy look. Pick up the silver glittering shades to apply under the lower eyelids, eyebrows, and inner eye corners.

3. Bright Lips:

makeup look

Apply some bright colored lipsticks; it perfectly suits the party mood. The recommended colors are red and burgundy. Do not worry; bright colors do match almost all the skin complexion. But be careful while selecting the specific color.

4. Golden Touch:

The Golden color is obviously the best choice for celebration feel. This make-up look prefers golden eye shadow and lightly applied gold shimmers all over the face. Especially, the eyes can be surrounded perfectly with golden glitters.

5. Silver Glittering Make-up:

Give a light and glossy touch to your lips. But make sure of applying thick mascara and eyeliner supported by silver eye shadow. This portrays a casual look and is preferred for simple parties. Additionally, you can add some glitter all over the face to enlighten the silver touch.

6. Natural Make-up:

You can look more natural by applying brown lipstick along with chocolate brown eye shadow. Blend the makeup with cinnamon blush and it perfectly suits the holiday feel. This type of make-up is usually recommended for women with dark skin tone.

7. Contrasting Make-up:

makeup look

Choose a colorful appearance this Christmas. You can apply a bright eye shadow such as red or turquoise accompanied with bold lips. However, you must take care of the outfit In order to perfectly compliment your makeup.

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8. Elegant Pink Make-up:

This is a simple makeup idea for the one who doesn’t like bright, heavy types. Apply pink shaded lipsticks, light mascara, and thin eyeliner. This combo can be accompanied with pink eye shadow and light blush. This makes you look cute and innocent. It seems to be very quick and easy to apply. Also, any type of attire matches this make-up.

9. Transparent Make-up:

You can also look beautiful without actual make-up. Thinking how? I am not speaking about avoiding cosmetics. You can opt for hiding all the blemish and defects skillfully. Apply glossy and transparent lipstick to look simple. Do not use excessive foundation or compact powder. It really looks awkward.

10. Copper Touch Makeup:

makeup look

Get a touch of copper instead of silver or gold which seems to be quite common. You can focus the make-up on lips, eyes or cheeks. It provides a pleasant and attractive appearance. Also, prefer simple eye make-up to highlight the copper tone.

Celebrate this Christmas with unique attire and the great makeup look.

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