7 Awesome Saree Styling Tips for Short Girl

Saree Styling Tips

Every girl is given immense beauty, and we should rather say that Girls are the most beautiful creations of God. Wearing Ethnic dresses enhances their beauty. What if, you have a short height but want to dress beautifully in a classy and an elegant saree?

What should you do? Does your height bother you?

If yes, we are here with the 7 easiest Saree styling tips that have been compiled keeping short height girls in view:

1. Stop choosing sarees with broader borders

Saree Styling Tips

If you have ever noticed short height girls wearing sarees that have broad borders, you might have felt a bit flimsy.  Short girls should buy saree with narrow borders so that their maximum curves can be seen flawlessly.

2. Prefer sarees with small prints is one of the Saree styling tips

Avoid buying sarees that have big prints. If your height is short, make sure you invest in sarees that have small and beautiful prints. While draping your saree, you should focus on pleating and try to include as many as you can so your entire design of your saree is flaunted in a unique way.

3. Don’t forget to buy those matching accessories

Saree Styling Tips

Whether short or tall girl, buying accessories that match with your saree is one of the important parts of dressing completely. If your dress is expensive, but accessories are not matching with it, then half of your beauty and charm is gone straight away.

4. Wearing high heels

Saree Styling Tips

Short height problem can be resolved by wearing high heels. You can dress in an elegant way by wearing high heels below your saree. Make sure, your heels are comfortable enough and don’t cause any leg fatigue.

5. Loose Pallu can be a savior when it comes to knowing Saree styling tips

While draping your saree, you can initially begin with normal saree draping and then leave the pallu loose at the end so that your saree design is presented in a beautiful way covering your short height as well. Make sure you are comfortable with moving with your Pallu on. This trick suits every occasion.

6. Drape your saree with vertical stripes

If you wear your saree with vertical stripes at the front side, the whole the attention of the viewers would be concentrated more on the length of the stripes and not on your height.

7. Your hairstyle matters too

Saree Styling Tips

Not to forget, your hairstyle matters too.  You can drape a well-organized saree and then think of a hairstyle that can add height to you. You may add or subtract your height by choosing a perfect hairstyle. A high bun can add a considerable amount of height to you to look taller. Avoid doing mid-partition of your hair as it will add a round shape to your face, thus making it look shorter than the original.

So, short height girls, your wait for draping a classy saree in a unique way is over now. Just follow any of these Saree styling tips and give yourself an entirely new look. Join parties, social gatherings with friends and do full masti to live your life, the way you want to live.

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