These Nine Days Of Navratri Dress Your Best

Navratri Dress

There is no doubt about the fact that India as a country is as diverse as it can get. We have the ability to do one thing in so many different ways it is no wonder that we fascinate the whole world simply because we as a country are truly in every sense Incredible. With the glorious ongoing nine days of Navratri,  a festival celebrated with great splendor throughout the country. One will be astonished to see how different are the rituals and traditions of people in various Indian states; one can see the stark difference in how people dress alone. So, we curated a list of states the way they carry them in Navratri Dress and show their devotion to the almighty.

1. Gujrat

Navratri Dress

We can’t talk about Navratri clothes without mentioning Gujrat. Gujarati’s  celebrate through dandiya raas, a dance done with two sticks and formed in circles. Gujarati women dress up in their trademark ghagra choli which is a blouse and a long skirt. The colors used are bright reds, greens, and yellows. For the men, the same color combination is used. For their upper, they wear Keviya a little coat with frills attached so when they twist and turn the ruffles go around with grace. Keviya is a full sleeved garment. A colorful turban and tight churidar complete the outfit. Embroidery and mirror work both are very prominent in Gujarati dresses.

2. West Bengal

Navratri Dress

From the extreme west of our country lets go to the eastern side. Bengali’s celebrate Navratri with prayers and utmost devotion. Silk garments are very prominent for the locals of Bengal. The trademark is white silk saree with a border red border, but colorful which silk saree are also very attractive at this season. For men, they stick to regular kurta pajama and leather chappals. Their ensemble is also made of silk and is cream or white in color. Bengali women make sure to adorn themselves with gold earrings and necklaces on this auspicious day. The married women wear their sindoor in the middle parting of hair and mostly leave their lovely long hair open.

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3. Maharashtra

Navratri Dress

In Maharashtra, the Nine days of Navratri is celebrated with a little twist. The Maharashtrian saree is a must. It is a traditional saree just wrapped around differently with the classic Kolhapur chappal on fee and the long nathin on the nose the ensemble will be complete with gajra (white flowers ) on hair and bangles in hand. Their Navratri Dress, saree can be as bright and colorful as possible with a golden border that is a must. For Men, they wear a dhoti which is usually in a white color called “dhotar.”  On the top, they wear a long shirt called the Pehta, and their whole outfit will be incomplete if they don’t top it off with a Real a traditional cap in the form of a paper boat.

4. Tamil Nadu

Navratri Dress

Down south, Navratri is celebrated with great pomp and show. The women dress in heavy Kanchipuram saree, mostly in the color of either orange or green, the gold border. The saree although draped differently it is the traditional six-yard saree. It comes in various other fabrics like cotton, crepe, and georgette but on the auspicious occasion of Navratri, the locals prefer to wear the soft and precious silk. As for the men they usually adorn themselves in the traditional lungi with along with a long shirt and an Angvastram it is an additional piece of cloth that is pulled between their legs. Gold jewelry is an essential part of the ensemble.

5. Navratri Dress in Kerala

Navratri Dress

Let’s go to the southernmost state in our country that is Kerala. White and gold is an evergreen combination for them. According to them, its symbolizes the purity of the divine power. Again, a silk Kanchipuram saree will be worn off white color and golden border.  Even red and orange colors are adorned in the nine days of Navratri. The girls wear the very popular half saree. It is a three piece costume which has a long skirt a matching blouse and a long cloth called Devyani which is draped from the shoulder covering the chest just like the pallu of a saree. Men adorn a mundu which is the name of the lungi in Kerala with a long shirt which may either be plain or with a checked pattern.

So, these are the different Navratri Dress worn throughout India. One festival is celebrated in so many diverse ways. That is the beauty of our country. If you like to experiment with your fashion then, try adorning all these outfits one by one. We promise your pictures will be showered by compliments on all your social media handles. Do not forget to share and subscribe the page and stay tuned for latest updates.

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