Tips To Stay Stylish In Winter!!


Winters are tough times, and the freezing temperatures leave you feeling lazy, lethargic and…unfashionable? This winter, stay in style with these tips and rock through the season with ease.

1. Shape up

It’s easy to throw on the layers as the temperature dips lower but be careful while layering. It’s important to stay warm, but it’s completely possible to do it in style. Also keep in mind, more layers need not necessarily mean more warmth. The material and thickness of your layers can make all the difference. So always try to shape your overall look well, so your silhouette maintains your figure instead of making you look like a walking lump. Add a stylish statement belt to your hips over your long sweaters or purchase trench coats that have button details that accentuate your shape. You could also try purchasing winter wear like chunky knits and or coats that streamline your figure and keep the material thin while keeping the warmth in.

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2. Invest

It’s known that winter wear can be expensive, but it’s a crucial necessity so don’t skimp. Remember, a thin layer of quality wool will keep you warmer than two layers of cheap sweaters. So compare prices and textures at a variety of places before purchasing your winter wear and always buy winter wear well before winter when they tend to be way cheaper. Understand which materials insulate better and how comfortable you are walking around in them all day.

3. Head gear

First and foremost, understand the importance of keeping your ears covered to keep warm more effectively. Then, you need to match the head gear properly depending on the type of coat or jacket you’re wearing for the day. For example, more classy and formal overcoats and tranches wouldn’t look appropriate with a cap or even a beanie compared to a scarf wrapped over your earmuffs. So keep your entire look in mind while selecting your head gear.

4. Accessories

Keep your accessories for your outfit below your coats and jackets and instead purchase a trendy coat and that will need no accessorizing so that you’ll look stylish even if you’re wearing boring clothes under a statement trench as you head to work. Also, if you truly wish to style up your overall look even more, purchase a pair of gloves instead of stuffing those icy hands in your pockets and complete your outfit.

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5. Tight is good

Finally, keep in mind, tighter is better as long as it’s within your comfort. Tight clothes will keep you warmer as they rub against your skin and also keep your figure compact instead of ballooning your shape. Tights, jeggings, stockings and thermal leggings are your best friends during winter.  If you wish to break out your hot shorts and show some skin, pick a warmer day during winter and wear some sheer tights under those Daisy Dukes to have hot winter look.

No more winters spent looking clumpy and fat under bad layers of sweaters. Don’t compromise on warmth for style. Welcome, winter with open arms and lots of style and glamor.

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