10 Things You Can Start Today To Lose More Weight

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You have consistently chased all the weight loss techniques. But you haven’t attained ‘the desired weight’. The problem is we never walk on the way to lose weight assuming it to be very difficult. The simple fact is we need to make easy changes in daily habits to lose more weight.

Let’s dash into 10 things you can start today to lose more weight:

1. Always keep a check-on daily calorie intake

Calorie Intake

Count the calories is the famous phrase while losing weight. Remember calorie is the unit of energy. If you strive on low-calorie foods daily, it might be hazardous to health. 1200 calories is what you need daily. You can start skipping one scoop of ice cream that you indulge in after every meal. Cut the unnecessary sweet intake, fast foods and carbonated beverages.

2. Pep up every morning

Pep Up

‘Get-up-and-go’ should be the motto every morning. Exercise is a wonderful way to burn calories. Exercising even for 15 minutes determinedly will keep you in good shape and help lose weight. Sleep lovers, there are many creative alarm apps with motivational messages to bring you out of bed and get on toes.

3. Draw graph of weight loss

Draw The graph

This simple habit will keep a track on your weight. Weight doesn’t remain constant each day. The up or down graph reflects your accomplishment to lose more weight.

4. Think Out

Think Out

The best way to lose more weight is plan the meals. Make a food diary; keep different sections for each meal. Write down the food you plan to eat for breakfast, mid-day, lunch, evening snack and dinner. If you love to research, also mention calories of each dish. This is a smarter way for weight loss.

5. Bake it

Bake It

Your favourite foods must be falling in the category of fats and carbs. How about trying the same foods the healthier way? Switch frying for baking the healthiest way to continue relishing on favourite foods. Baking reduces the use of oil and thereby fat. So next time you want a bag of French fries, just bake them instead of deep frying.

6. Keep it slow

Slow eating

Do you know not just overeating but eating fast must be the hurdle in your way to lose more weight? Learn the trick to eat slowly and avoid consumption of extra calories.

7. Eat the rainbow


Your plate should look like the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Add greens, orange, yellow, red natural foods on the dish. It ensures all the nutrients at one go without losing on essential ones.

8. Keep it fresh and original


It is essential that you eat fresh food as it is loaded with nutrients and supplements. The longer you keep the food the nutrients start to deplete. Hence it is wise to avoid canned and processed foods.

9. Live it Up

Live it Up

Losing weight doesn’t revolve on just counting the calories or stretching in a gym. Simple habits like climbing stairs instead of the lift, riding a bicycle, gardening and walking the dog keeps your body and mind fit.

10. Download the App


Take the advantage of technology. Apps can track the fitness, count the steps, food diary, plan the meals, and count the calories to help you lose more weight.

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, you have to be persistent in following the above 10 things to lose more weight.

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