7 Signs You Have a Vitamin Deficiency


Healthy eating not only avoids health troubles but also greatly affects your mental well-being. Eating wrong has developed many avoidable disease conditions. Nowadays a typical meal doesn’t contain all the essential nutrients. Our body is very smart and produces many telltale signs of vitamin deficiency. If you are equally smart to catch these signs, you may not have any vitamin deficiency.

You may think a less of vitamin intake would not do any harm, but scientific reports say otherwise. A severe vitamin inadequacy would result in worse health conditions. Here are 7 warning signs of vitamin deficiency you must memorize.

1. You are tired all the time:

vitamin deficiency

You have a perfect daily routine with proper work-out sessions, but still, you can’t fight sleep. What could be less? There is a gross deficiency of vitamins B, and vitamin C. Vitamins B is the major fuel for the body to keep it going. They are required for growth, development, giving energy by breaking down proteins. Vitamin C is famous for its production of collagen but do you know that it also helps in iron and calcium absorption?

To tackle these vitamins inadequacies eat vegetables, dairy products, eggs, citrus fruits and sufficient meat.

2. You crave to eat chalk, raw rice, ice:

vitamin deficiency

Eating indigestible things is a major sign of vitamin B1, B3, C, and D deficiency. This vitamin deficiency is also commonly observed in small kids and pregnant females.

Stock up your groceries with whole wheat cereals, green leafy vegetables, liver, egg yolk, cod liver oil. It will help in by breaking down carbs and fats in the body and maintains a healthy heart, digestive system, and strong bones.

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3. Your skin becomes red and scaly:

vitamin deficiency

Dry scaly and angry looking red skin when you go out in the sun is the warning sign of vitamin B3 deficiency. This vitamin deficiency is seen when you are strongly exposed to the sun. Eating healthy foods and applying sunscreen is what you need to do.

4. Your lips lack moisture:

vitamin deficiency

Do you have to apply layers and layers of lip balm throughout the day to prevent dry, chapped lips? You are lacking Vitamin B2-riboflavin. Add enough nuts, dairy products, meat, vegetables and prevent dry lips. You might not need lip balm if well-nourished.

5. Your calf muscles shout with pain:

vitamin deficiency

Every time you exercise even for 10 minutes, there are severe cramps in the calf. This is a clue of B1-thiamine vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B1 is vital for the development of muscles. Hence eat vitamin B2 rich food sources.

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6. Your bowels are blocked:

vitamin deficiency

The day doesn’t go well if you are constipated. Constipation is common, but people are embarrassed to talk about it. It affects your mood, body and also working efficiency. A simple tip is to take adequate folate or folic acid. No vitamin deficiency, relaxed and happy you are!

8. You are feeling blue:

vitamin deficiency

Depressive sad, lonely and mood swings, the poor concentration, may not always be indicative of mental illness. It is a sign of vitamins deficiencies- vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, and folate.

Always make sure you take the recommended daily vitamin requirement. Excess of vitamins too are harmful.

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