How to Beat the Scorching Heat?


What all ideas do you have when it is bright and sunny outside? Isn’t it the perfect weather to have a cool picnic at beach side, play volleyball or just relax and enjoy? You must love the tan, don’t you? No matter the sunny weather is calling you out to party and play, but it might be hazardous considering your health. Overheating yourself in the sun can cause heat-related illnesses. You can have heat cramps, Ouch! One of the most painful conditions. Heat exhaustion can drain all the energy out of you. Imagine the sun with a straw, sucking all the energy from you! Lastly the dangerous condition, considering the angry red hot face of the sun just like an angry smiley throwing out heat balls at you, enough to suffer from heat stroke or popular as sun stroke.

First update your knowledge regarding the dangerous effect then dive into the cool preventive measures that will make your living in hot weather enjoyable!

Heat cramps- Your muscles are crying!

Yes, they indeed are, because muscle spasms are painful, cannot be controlled once started, brief, they come and go according to their own convenience.

Heat exhaustion- If ignore can lead to death!

Which is the dreaded word that comes with heat? Dehydration! Heat exhaustion accompanies dehydration showing itself as excessive thirst, weakness, headache, nausea and vomiting, sense as it the world is moving. If not treated on time there can be brain damage leading to death.

Heat stroke- Call 911!

It is a medical emergency. Remember the hallmark of heat stroke- core body temperature is high, not just high but too high, above 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mostly fainting is the first sign. Others can be rapid shallow breathing, rapid heartbeat, bursting headache, seizures.

All the above heat-related illnesses are due to exposure to very high temperature along with no preventive measures adopted.

Enough of the scary stuff; dive into the precautionary measures that you have to adopt in summer.

Drink water! You must have heard this many times.

Even though it might be sounding cliche’: Stay hydrated. If you have kids or senior citizens in your home, take extra care of them. They are more likely to suffer from dehydration. Just have plain simple water. Hydrating! Nourishing! Want to pamper your taste buds? Squeeze little lime, dash mint leaves in water! Mouth-watering? It is perfect drink to keep you hydrating in exhaustive summers and plus your skin will glow. A healthy natural blush to your cheeks!

Drinking enough liquid does not mean that you can grab beverages with tons of sweeteners in it. The high level of sugars and calories disrupts your insulin mechanism. Heard of insulin, right? The prick of insulin in diabetics! Drill this in your head whenever you desire that sweet diet coke. There is nothing diet in it.

If it is painstaking to prepare the above drink, coconut water is for you! A best cool summer drink filled with required electrolytes.

Munch on fresh fruits, a rich source of vitamins and what less? Water.

Also, add to your grocery list- Chia seeds. The tiny little black seeds have a great proportion of water in it you can’t imagine. Soak them with little quantity of water and then add to your salad as dressings. They taste crunchy and yummilious!

Drinking water does not mean to gulp it down every few minutes. Intake must be of small quantities at frequent intervals. Too much of fluid in your body can cause water toxicity. You read it right. Try to drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day.

Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol extracts water from your body making it vulnerable for dehydration.

Indulge in a chilled fruit cocktail.

Spice up your food with a small quantity of spices for the cooling effect of sweat.

Like alcohol, restrict eating fatty foods.

Take out your sunglasses. Trendy, fashionable and most importantly: preventing from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Dab on the sunscreen with SPF ranged between 15 and 30 according to your complexion.

Partying near beach doesn’t mean flaunting your abs. exposing yourself to the sun puts you at a risk for certain skin cancer. Wear light colour clothes that reflect heat. They must also be loose heling you to sweat easily.

For soft, tender lips, it is wise to use a lip balm with SPF.

If you want to enjoy summers, go out before 10 a.m. This time period is best to absorb the sunlight that is rich in Vitamin D. Good for your bones and that beautiful tan!

Always carry an umbrella or wear a funky, stylish hat when wandering in summers.

Try out the above. Stay hydrated! Stay fit in Summers!

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