Your Gadgets Might Be Smart, But You Must Be Smarter!


Don’t have a Smartphone or a tablet or an iPad? Then you are not the part of an elite group. Owning these modern gadgets is a symbol of luxury. Really? Is it the only truth? Wait a minute! Let’s reconsider. They may or may not be luxurious, but they undoubtedly possess health hazards. Our modern lifestyle has made us glued to those gadgets. Not minutes, but hours. For some of you it might be just for fun, a link to social networking, but for most often they are bread and butter for life. Half of the day is spent before a desktop in the sedentary workplace. The number of hours before these technologies is rapidly increasing than going out or working on the field. With many pros of the technology comes boon in the form of diseases/disorders.

Sitting for long in front of a computer as a part of routine work can lead to:

  • Musculoskeletal diseases
  • Computer vision syndrome
  • Stress
  • Obesity

Let’s look into the depths of the above health hazards:

Musculoskeletal diseases

Do you more often get muscle aches, back pain, chest pain? Have you anytime noticed the sensation as if your arm, shoulder or feet has gone to sleep? These are the sure signs due to your bad posture when sitting in front of the computer for long hours.

How can you reduce the aches and pain?

  • If you hunch and sit, stop doing it right now while reading this. Straighten your back. Make sure the chair in which you are sitting is comfortable.
  • Your desktop must be at your eye level or lower, but not high.
  • Sit upright with back straight. Your legs must be straight, and feet are resting flat on the floor. Rest your elbows on the sides of the chair.
  • Your lumbar back or lower back must be supported with lumbar support.
  • Do not have a wrist rest to keep your mouse. Then install it now. Your keyboard must be at the height of about 27 to 29 inches above the floor according to your height.
  • Always take small breaks from work. It won’t affect your progress card. Stretch your body and take a mini walk.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Do you think only nerdy ones get those big dark spectacles? Not anymore!

It is noted that working in front of the computer or any digital screen is more hazardous than reading a book. Your eyes have to work hard when you are in front of a computer screen. The harder the eyes work, the more is the strain on them.

It has given rise to Computer Vision Syndrome. Thanks to the digital world for adding one more list in the diseases.

If you have frequent headaches, blurring of vision, dry eyes, neck or shoulder pain, eye strain, then these are the classical symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

How can you reduce the severity or prevent this syndrome?

  • It is simple. Ensure proper lighting, comfortable chair, correct positioning of the computer screen and most of all, and take small breaks from continuing observing the screen.
  • Make it restrict to use anti-glare screens which reduce the amount of light emitted from the screen.
  • Flatter your beautiful eyes. Why? Blinking reduces the chance of dry eyes significantly. It maintains the moisture in the eyes


You complain that, “I do not eat junk foods. I stay away from fast food, but still am gaining weight.” Ever wondered why? Your sedentary lifestyle is the contributor for the weight you seen on the weighing scale.

The ever increasing weight due to sedentary work life or just as a hobby is a growing concern for obesity, especially childhood obesity. This further increases the chances to have major chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Take a hike over these causes. Prevention is always better than cure.

How can you tackle obesity?

  • Go for outdoor activities. Why sit on the couch and slouch for hours, and for what? For the increasing waist-line?
  • Join a gym or aerobics. Encourage your child to indulge in sports that requires running. If they resist, you can smack them for good. After all, it’s about their health!


It is a vicious cycle. You are addicted to the digital world, you sit for long hours before it or using it, you ignore eating, drinking or sleeping, and the result is poor health, poor nutrition. You become the most suitable candidate for stress.

If you think you are not able to concentrate on your work, is dizzy all the time, feel tired, then just rest. Rest is the key to relieve your stress.

Laughter is and always will be the best medicine. Socialize not virtually, plan for a get-together, go out and enjoy. A man has made technology to ease life, not to burden it with diseases. Your phone might be smart, but you have to be smarter!

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