Prevent, Do not Panic! Fight the battle against Dengue!!


Rainy season is known to bring happiness after the fiery heat where nature is at its best. But along with the cool air, there are puddles. Mosquitoes love to dwell on them. It is their vacation spot. You might be thinking, but there are no rains. Despite the scarcity of rains, humans are not spared from their brunt. Other than life-threatening malaria, chikungunya, dengue has taken a toll in various areas.

Though mosquitoes are the agent in spreading dengue, the main culprit is the dengue virus. The mosquito is the gateway for the virus to enter the human blood.  The bite of “female” Aedes aegypti mosquito transports the virus causing dengue fever.

People living in the tropical and subtropical areas your attention, please! You are at high risk to get attacked by this virus. One cannot pack the bags and leave however threatening is the dengue fever. Time to take out your tools to ward off the disease!

To prevent yourself from Dengue you must first know it. An easy way to recall the 5 striking signs and symptoms of Dengue is to recite: 2Fs, 2Ps and 1H which stands for-

  1. Fever
  2. Fatigue
  3. Pain in joints
  4. Pain behind the eyes
  5. Headache

Warning signs that screams of DANGER are of Dengue Hemorrhagic fever:

  • Fever with rash all over the body
  • Bleeding from nose or gums
  • Severe vomiting

If you ever experience any of the above signs of dengue fever rush to your healthcare provider immediately. The delay might land you in the emergency ward.

Knock over the fatal dengue virus before it attacks you by following the tips:

1. Know it so that you can prevent it:

However cliché it may sound but it is a Bang on a tip- “Prevention is better that cure.” If you are well aware of how the infection spreads then, you can prevent it.

2. Wipe out the breeding site of mosquitoes:

Dengue virus carrying mosquitoes love to live in and around houses with stagnant water. Clean the water logged spaces such as flower pots, vases, coolers, tires, roof tops, shades.

3. Cover-up the water to be consumed properly.

4. If you are under the myth that mosquitoes bite only during late evenings and night, then erase it. Mosquitoes carrying the deadly dengue virus bite during the daytime. Plan your activity accordingly. Stay indoors as much as possible during early morning and evening when the mosquitoes enjoy roaming about. Shut the doors and windows too during this time.

5. Live as one of your superhero character covered from top to bottom, because this is will protect you from the dangerous bite. Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants and don’t forget to cover the feet.

6. You must be regularly moisturizing. Now add mosquito repellent in your daily schedule of skincare. Apply the repellent before going outdoors during evening and night time. Campers! Include this in your routine.

7. Young toddlers and children should be protected with bed nets for a good mosquito-free night.

Stay alert and prevent yourself from the threatening Dengue!!

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