Why Do You Have Sudden Sugar Cravings?

Sudden Sugar Cravings

Cut back the sugar! Eat less sugar! These slogans hit wherever you go, and still, you cannot curb the cravings for sugar. Your body is perfectly engineered for the appropriate intake of carbohydrate, proteins, and fat. An extra dose of any of these due to sudden sugar cravings the body rings up many alarming signs. Sugar is sweet, but its sweetness contributes to diabetes, heart, and many other diseases.

You may be having a sweet tooth, but this addictiveness to sugar is deeply worrying. Sugar is naturally present in honey, milk, maple and much more to list. Natural sugars are healthy if taken in recommended quantity. Refined sugars in bakery products, table sugar, fizzy drink is unhealthy. More you eat the unrefined sugar higher are the calorie intake. Sudden sugar cravings are not limited to sweet-tooth only. It is a roaring scream of the underlying disease condition.

The world is getting burdening with many diseases due to sudden sugar cravings. You may not realize when these ailments strike. One needs to be vigilant enough to recognize the underlying disease state.

Thyroid Conditions

Sudden Sugar Cravings

Even with no distressing situation you are stressed and do not want physical exertion. All day tired feeling plus the sudden sugar cravings despite eating well are indicative of thyroid failure. Moving from one place to other becomes a challenging task due to tension in muscles. There is a lack of energy and headaches.

Yeast Infection

Sudden Sugar Cravings

The overload of continuous antibiotics triggers the growth of harmful bacteria. Too much intake of antacids also neutralizes acid in the stomach which normally fights against bacteria. Researchers say overgrowth of yeast in the body triggers the sudden sugar cravings. If you cannot live without eating sugar and bread, it may be a sign of yeast infection.


Sudden Sugar Cravings

You may be putting the best smile on face, but the food habits may reveal the hidden stress. Cortisol, a hormone from adrenal gland increases under circumstances of any kind of stress. It depresses the immune system thereby inviting infections. Certain infection like yeast set off the sudden sugar cravings.

 Adrenaline is another hormone secreted by adrenal gland which pumps out under stress. Sugar gives you a kick-start to release instant energy when you are stressed.

Menopause or Peri-menopause

Sudden Sugar Cravings

The highs and lows of female hormones during menopausal period affect mood swings, low sex drive, hot flushes, and sleeplessness. Along with the physical signs, a menopausal lady also has sudden sugar cravings due to insulin resistance. High level of sugar in body releases feel-good hormone serotonin which relaxes a menopausal female relieving her frustration.

Too much sugar intake increases the inflammatory conditions and also ages you. Sugar may give you the rush, but it increases anxiety, and in turn, you eat more sugar. This vicious cycle leads to obesity- the birthplace for major diseases.

The solution to kill the craving is to drink more water. Cut out the caffeine, processed foods, and fizzy drinks. Substitute these with herbal teas, whole foods. Get more sleep which slashes the sugar cravings.

So next time you have sudden sugar cravings remember it comes to certain terms and conditions

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