10 Creative Hacks That Make Home Cleaning Easier

home cleaning easier

Argh! The grease stains, the spilt oil mess, the dusty fan blades, smelly microwave and what not! Every item in our home gets messy isn’t? And do you want to spend all your time in cleaning? Make your home cleaning easier with simple hacks.

1. Have you used oil to clean the oil stains?

Home Cleaning Easier

Have you been using soap, chemicals and more to get rid of the tough stains on the stove? Why don’t you try adding few drops of oil to wipe off the oil stains and the mess on the stove with a paper napkin? Make your home cleaning easier with few drops of oil!

2. Chalk does the magic of removing stains from your clothes!

Home Cleaning Easier

Yes, you read it right! Grease and oil stains on the clothes can be removed easily with white chalk. Rub white chalk over the stains and wash it with your regular detergent. Your cloth will look as good as new! You can avoid soaking and scrubbing with this trick.

3. Showerhead cleaning with vinegar!

Home Cleaning Easier

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around your showerhead overnight and run cold water in the morning. The dust and the dirt will run off leaving it clean and neat! Try it and see the magic yourself!

4. Do not scrub, just blend your blender!

Home Cleaning Easier

After using your blender, add few drops of dish soap along with water and blend them for few seconds. Wash off the residue and your blender is fresh and clean now!

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5. Keep your shoe rack at the door!

Home Cleaning Easier

Do you have the habit of keeping your shoes inside the house? It can have a bad odor and carries a lot of germs and infections so; it is advisable to keep the shoe rack at the door and keep all your footwear outside the house! In this way, you can make home cleaning easier.

6. To make home cleaning easier, do not let the dirty dishes dry!

Home Cleaning Easier

Most of us leave the dishes unattended for few hours and wash them later. But you need to know that the dishes can get dirty if they are kept unclean for a longer duration. Wash them immediately and keep the place clean.

7. Microwave cleaning

Home Cleaning Easier

Add two halves of lemon in water and boil them in the microwave for few minutes and wipe off the excess junk without any strains. You can also add few drops of vanilla extract in water and boil them for few minutes to remove bad odor from the microwave.

8. Ceiling fan cleaning

Home Cleaning Easier

Use an old pillow cover to clean the blades of the ceiling fan to avoid dust from falling off your head and the floor.

9. Clean the windows with newspaper

Home Cleaning Easier

It is good to clean the window panels with a newspaper instead of cloth. It adds more shine!

10. Use your toothbrush to clean keyboards

Home Cleaning Easier

The dusty keyboards can be cleaned using an old toothbrush. This is a simple way to get rid of the dust on your keyboard!

These simple tricks with readily available items make home cleaning easier and faster. Get ready and try the tricks now!

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