6 Clever Hacks to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Home Energy

We heard a lot of warnings about the ozone layer, pollution and the ice melting down but did we think of best ways to contribute towards the betterment of Mother Nature? We all know that carbon is a toxic substance on air, but we fail to remember that carbon emission is more at our homes than on the roads! Is it hard to believe that prevention begins at our home? By making our home energy efficient, we can make a big different to the environment.

1. Replace the old light bulbs

Home Energy

To make it more energy efficient, you must upgrade your light bulbs at home. The highest amount of energy is wasted on lighting the living rooms and the dining room so you must switch over to the latest CFL light that reduces the energy consumption to a great level. CFL or better LED bulbs consumes very less energy so it reduces the energy consumption, greenhouse gas, and your electricity bill. Isn’t that a great idea for controlling home energy?

2. Steel home is an efficient home!

Home Energy

There are a lot of talks about building your home with steel. Have you given it a thought before? Steel is considered as the best energy efficient item in your home so you can consider making your roof, window frames and door frames with steel rather than wood which will save energy and also prevent the doors and windows from termites! If steel wasn’t there in your energy saving list, add them to your list now!

3. Plugging and unplugging

Home Energy

“Raise your hands,” if you leave your mobile charger plugged in even when it is not in use! Not just the mobile charger let us include television, dryer, home appliances, kitchen appliances, tube lights, fans and other appliances in your home. So, it’s not just you! Most of us are careless and leave the cords plugged in even when they are not in use which causes an increase in home energy utility. Watch your step and switch off and unplug the power strips when they are not in use.

4. Welcome, the most efficient machines only!

Home Energy

Machines are replaced by humans at home. We are depended on machines to wash clothes, dishes and to do other routine work. There are manufacturers who produce best and energy efficient machines that cut down energy consumption to a great level. Though they are a bit expensive, it is advisable to choose the best ones that consume less energy.

5. Filling the gaps!

Home Energy

Watch out the gaps on your air-conditioned rooms, freezer, and the refrigerator. The gaps need to be filled immediately to avoid energy wastage. If you ignore the gaps, the life of the product is not guaranteed and you pay high for the energy!

6. Save home energy while cooking!

Home Energy

Do you know efficient cooking can save a lot of energy? Close the pots while cooking and use the right size of utensil to cook right amount of food which will contribute in energy efficient solution.

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Controlling the high usage of home energy begins today! Follow the best hacks today and start saving energy for tomorrow!

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