Six Women Full Of Fire!!

Six Women

While growing up, we have all read about astounding women like Rani Laxmibai or Sarojini Naidu. Women who stood their ground and were brave to set an example. They battled the shackles of societal norms and came out victorious. Well, this, women’s day we found these Six great women who are living their dream life. These are Six Women who broke barriers and followed their hearts. They didn’t wage wars or murdered spies but honestly what they did was much cooler. Check out the stories of these women who believe that nothing is impossible.

1. Mrs Chitralekha Das

Six Women

At an age when people are planning to retire. This incredible woman of 63 decided to follow her passion for designing Saree’s and making a business out of it. Determined to build a brand  that reaches out to millions. She credits her positive attitude to her supportive family. She strongly believes that work one day at a time and do so on your own pace. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Click here to get in touch with here!.

2. Shilpy Gupta

Six Women

“Left the secure financial job to pursue art.”

This statement alone is what all the aunties of the society haunt you with. But, Shilpy always has an inclination towards the artistic side, so she gave pottery her priority. Completely surrendering herself to her work, she traveled to the USA to learn more about the art form. She has found the correct balance of passion and perseverance which shows beautifully in her work. She believes that no one should settle for lesser dreams and never be afraid of learning new things even if they get to do it much, much later in life.

3. Neha Arora

Six Women

She runs a travel company which specifically caters to disabled people. A traveler who understands the pain of disabled as her father is visually impaired and mother is a wheelchair user. She started looking for solutions and somewhere along the way she decided to be the one giving all the answer. She let go of her salary addiction and fully dived into the entrepreneurial field. It’s her customers that constantly keep her motivating whenever she brings a smile on their face that’s her new salary. She says it’s okay to ignore logic at times take the plunge and keep the passionate fire burning.

4. Ashima Puri

Six Women

At just 32 years of age, she is running a successful and independent law firm that too in a competitive city like Delhi. Hailing from a service class family of academic junkies, she chose the legal practice out of sheer love. A career where her clients bring her problems and she provide them with solutions which push her to do better and keeping her fire burning. A firm believer of going with the flow she finds it delightful to find solutions to problems thrown at her every day. Hard work and talent are the two key ingredients for her success. Don’t stop keep moving.

5. Ruchika Shankar

Six Women

She left her lawyer job to travel. Unlike many of us, she decided that working 14 hours a day in front of a computer is not her cup of tea. A true vagabond, she now runs a very successful travel blog called second breakfast which is her primary source of income. She keeps herself upbeat by exploring new places and not losing perspective. She believes the magic begins when the comfort zone ends. Pursue what make you happy relentlessly.

6. Yugam Ray Chaudhary

Six Women

Last but not least, presently a brand ambassador of Amway. She ditched her job in the corporate sector after 13 years of slogging to manage her family life. Determined not to let her experience go to waste, she decided to work from home and build her pathway to success. She didn’t want to lose her personal identity therefore never gave up working. She tells every girl out there to keep her self-respect and esteem at the top.

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