10 Budget gift ideas for Diwali

Budget Gift Ideas

As Diwali comes closer, our hearts fill with joy and complete refreshment, but at the same time, we start worrying for the Diwali Gifts that we need to present to our friends, relatives, neighbors, and many other personally or officially connected people. This disturbs our monthly budget as well. We are here with list of 10 Budget Gift Ideas that would definitely make your Diwali, the best and the memorable festival:

1. Budget Gift Idea include Gift hampers:

Budget Gift Ideas

You can bring together items like dry fruits, greeting cards, decorative diyas, wishing of prosperous and healthy living, and much more to make festive gift hampers that are amazing yet pocket-friendly. Buy Here

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2. Presenting cushions:

Budget Gift Ideas

A lot of cushion designs are available in the market, and some can even be ordered from the online websites. You can select beautiful colors, themes, and printing to give your budget gift ideas an entirely new look. Click Here to Buy

3. Homemade sweets and gift:

Budget Gift Ideas

One of the best ways to budget gift ideas is to prepare something at home and construct it in a way that receiver loves to receive. Customizing gifts according to the receivers’ interest makes your gift more special and valuable.

4. Interior decorative materials like candle holders:

Budget Gift Ideas

You can present beautiful candle holders that can enhance the beauty of your home décor. Try introducing the concept of deity faces like Ganesha so that your gift is not just a Diwali gift but your blessings on the special occasion. Buy From Here in Just Rs 420.

5. Budget Gift Ideas include artificial diyas:

Budget Gift Ideas

Diwali is the festival of light. Everyone prefers to decorate their home with candles, diyas, and fancy decorative materials. Gifting artificial diyas can make their rangoli special and create a huge difference. Buy it Here in Just 555 Rs.

6. Door decorators:

Budget Gift Ideas

There are stickers of deities, health, well-being, positivity available in the market that can enhance the beauty of your home entrance. This Budget Gift idea can bring positivity and prosperity in your loved ones home so why not gift it this Diwali? Buy a beautiful door hanging from here in just Rs 899.

7. Gift Vouchers:

Budget Gift Ideas

If you don’t get time to visit the market and look for special gifts for your loved ones, then you can simply visit shopping stores and buy gift vouchers that can be gifted to your friends or relatives who can later use that voucher for shopping. This is a great Budget Gift idea that most of the people who get the least time to buy gifts use.

8. Packs of Chocolates and sweets:

Budget Gift Ideas

Many companies have started releasing their chocolates, sweets and toffees packs on special occasions like Diwali. You can buy these packets in bulk to get some discounts like 10% and save your money which otherwise is used to make full payments.

9. CDs and DVDs:

Budget Gift Ideas

Diwali songs CDs and DVDs are available that contain songs based on the occasion. You can buy these CDs and DVDs to present an ideal gift.

10. Exemplary Flower Bouquet:

Budget Gift Ideas

Beautiful shades of Flowers like red, yellow, pink, and white in a cost-effective vase is another Budget Gift idea that can be presented on this special day.

The list of these 10 Budget Gift Ideas carried along with your blessings would surely make this Diwali of your loved ones more special.

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