10 Christmas Decoration Ideas In A Low Budget

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is an ecstatic moment in the year. Are you in search of great and inexpensive Christmas decoration ideas? I am sure this post is going to be very helpful for you. As we all know, the decoration is not just a look; it’s a point of view! It should create a playful mood for children and a lovely mood for celebration. Christmas tree might be the main decoration element, but it’s not the only one.

Here are the most fascinating and eye-catching Christmas Decoration Ideas collected for you. The best thing to do is combining 2 or 3 ideas from the below list. The creativity of integration is up to you. This blend of Christmas Decoration Ideas will be more interesting to see and feel the festive season.

1. Vase from old pens

Christmas Decoration

Gather all your old and empty pens, preferably of same size and height. Glue them around a cylindrical cardboard and tie a knot with the bright colored satin tape. Finally, put some real or artificial flowers into it.

2. Colorful bulb Hangings

Christmas Decoration

Initially, you need old and worn out bulbs, woolen threads and translucent glittering papers. So what you can do is, wrap the bulbs with translucent glittering papers and roll the middle portion with the woolen thread of matching color. Use them as hangings at the entrance.

3. Attractive chair toppers 

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Dining table must look as beautiful as possible. Decorate the chairs innovatively. Buy a red color velvet cloth and stitch it in the form of a chair cover which takes the shape of the Santa hat or the heart.

4. Faces with the Mud Pot

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Take an old mud pot and do artistic painting on it. However, you have the complete idea of smiley faces being used in Whatsapp every day. So replicate them on the pots which make them expressive. You can use them on the dining table or as chocolate bowls.

5. Eye-Catching Pillow covers

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Guests are common in the festival season. The same old sofa sets with regular pillow covers can be converted into the real decorative item. You can tie a bow knot by using a satin tape. Be creative in designs; make sure the knots come out really different.

6. Newspaper Christmas Tree

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Slightly transform the way in which you arrange newspapers at home. Stay away from regular and cubical arrangement of newspapers located at some corner. Instead, arrange them in the form of a cone and wrap it with some decorative lace. It looks really different!

7. Creative paper models

Christmas Decoration Ideas

You can cut the color paper in the form of a simple doll. Additionally, write a festival quote on a rectangular sheet and stick it on doll’s tummy.

8. Floating Diyas

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Take a large bowl of colored water and place it on the table in a hall. Now light the Diyas and make them float on water. It looks elegant!

9. Glittering Wine Glass

Christmas Decoration Ideas

I hope you are aware of jelly balls available in the market. Pour the jelly balls of different color into a wine glass.

10. Speaking Door Handles

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Write the phrases on thermocol and hang it firmly to the door handles. Some examples of phrases are – “Heaven Ahead”, “Enjoy the Festive Food” and much more.

The best Christmas Decoration Ideas foster the festivity. So do not miss out the chance of having a great fun!

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