24th March Know About The World Tuberculosis Day

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A cough and cold are two such diseases which are never taken seriously by us. In fact, we suffer right through it, without even getting it checked and waited patiently for it to disappear like magic. Well, even though cold is common and there is no exact solution for it. But when it comes to a cough we can assure you that there is a cure. A cough affects your lungs, which is a major symptom of any respiratory disease. So, if you have the constant cough for more than three weeks, you should get it checked immediately. You might be suffering from Tuberculosis.


For those of you who don’t know, Tuberculosis is more than just a cough.  It’s a bacterial infection which is majorly contagious. Caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis this disease is the reason for the death of 1.8 million people every year around the world. Hitting 10.4 million inhabitants this illness is full spread.  If you have a weak immune system then, be extra careful about your health as you are more likely to fall sick with TB. Tobacco is also one of the leading causes of TB.  As this is a contagious and communicable disease spread by the air particles, one has to be careful around patients as well.

If you are coughing continuously and feel fatigue, fever, chills and is suffering from severe loss weight due to loss of appetite, then rush to the nearest doctor. The good thing about TB is that it is curable to a great extent. With the right medication and good doctor’s help, you can be treated for this illness and be free from its clutches forever.  Even though the antibiotics of TB take a long time to permanently kick out this disease out of your system, estimated time is about five to seven months.


To spread awareness about this deadly disease the World Health Organisation (WHO) decided to make 24th March World Tuberculosis Day.  It is one of the eight global health campaigns run by WHO (World Health Organisation)  including World Heath Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Malaria Day, World Immunization Day, World Tobacco Day, World AIDS Day amongst others.

According to the research of World Health Organisation,

the rise of TB is due to the increase of ignorance in people. Just, because patient suffering from Tuberculosis take their symptoms like a cough and loss of appetite lightly. By the time this illness is deducted in them, the infection is already quite spread.

Regular check-ups and knowledge about Tb alone can help us fight this disease collectively as a team. To fight against this illness, we must all over the globe join hands. This is an issue which crosses borders and barriers of countries. We must stand against this disease as one team then, only will we be able to defeat it permanently.

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