4 Guaranteed Ways To Get Rid Of Holi Colors

Holi Colors

Well, I am sure you enjoyed Holi. With water balloons, vibrant Holi colors and loads of yummy food to eat. It’s time now to witness the aftermath. Every year after Holi, I am sure that you find color still present in various parts of your body and at times as much as you try, It’s next to impossible to get rid of them instantly. We assure you that you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This time we have you completely covered. Just read on to know how you can get rid of the stubborn colors with super easy tricks.

Holi Colors On Skin

Holi Colors

Even after taking a long shower if you are still finding Holi color in the back of your ears or behind your legs. Then rush to your kitchen and make this DIY paste to get rid of them. Make a paste of milk or yogurt with Besan and add some rose water apply to your body for twenty minutes. Once dried rinse with soap water. If you want an instant removal, then use glycerin and rose water on a cotton ball and gently rinse your face with it. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin with coconut oils afterward, so your pores are not left dry.

Holi Colors On Hair

Holi Colors

If your scalp resembles a rainbow, then say thanks to Holi, and no amount of shampoo or conditioner can get rid of the color. Then don’t worry, we have a home remedy which will make you look normal. Apply a mixture of egg yolk and curd on your hair fifteen minutes before washing them with shampoo. Don’t skip conditioning as a conditioner will moisturize your hair which may have dried because of the colors.

Holi Colors On Nails

Holi Colors

No amount of intense scrubbing is going to get rid of the Holi colors. Trust us we have tried. So, just cut a lemon in half squeeze out the juice and gently rub the lemon on your nail cuticles to get rid of the color. One can also soak their nails in vinegar to get rid of sticky colors.

Holi Colors On Jewellery

Holi Colors

If you made a major blunder and forgot to remove earrings or finger ring and now are stuck with a colorful and stained jewelry piece. Then, don’t panic because we can help. Just soak you jewelry in vinegar for 30 minutes and then gently dry it with cotton. If that doesn’t work then buy special cleaning sprays and see your favorite jewelry gain back its shine.

With these super easy tips, I am sure we have saved you a trip to the parlor. Now, get ready for your office and save these tricks for the next Holi to come.

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