5 Simple Tips To Look Stylish In Office!


The morning routine of every young woman goes like this. The alarm rings at 7’0 clock sharp, and it goes on snooze immediately, and then it rings again at 7.10 AM and goes to snooze again. It extends till 8’o clock and with a shock; we wake up from the bed, finish our morning routine, take a quick shower and get dressed up in just 30 minutes!

Is 30 minutes sufficient for you to get dressed up? It definitely takes more than 30 minutes to wear you moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, kajal, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, gloss and did I miss anything else? If you can perfectly get dressed up in half an hour, you must be an expert!

So, here are some express tips that will help you to look stylish at your workplace without compromising your sleep!

1. Concentrate on your outfit

Every woman has their own style quotient and according to me, style is choosing the right outfit to wear. Choosing the right color, right material and right size defines the best style. Go, check your wardrobe and count the number of dresses you have the right size? Fashion trend keeps changing and choose the best one that suits you from pencil skirt or pants or others.

  • Tip: Choose the dress that you want to wear for tomorrow, iron them and keep them ready before you go to bed.

2. Choose Accessories and bags to match your attire

Open your jewel box and find the best earrings, clips and bands that would suit your outfit. I’m sure most of the best accessories are just hidden in your home in a box or bag so pick them and wear them along with your attire that will make you look stylish.

  • Tip: Buy the accessories and bags when you buy your dress so that you can match it for perfection.

3. Make up means perfect makeup

Keep your foundation, moisturizer and other necessary cosmetics at a reachable place so that you can wear them even when you are in a hurry! According to your dress, choose the right shades of lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Don’t overdo your makeup especially when you go to work. Concentrate on your nail shades. Do change them when it fades.

  • Tip: When you get free time, keep practicing your make-up using a timer so that you get used to quick make-ups.

4. Hairstyle

Most of the young women, do not have time to blow dry their hair and just go with a wet hair look to their work! I’m sure everyone would agree with this! Try different hairstyles that will make you look stylish even when your hair is wet. High pony, braided hair, free hair or any style, make sure you use a conditioner or a gel that keeps your hair proper. A shabby look doesn’t add any style!

  • Tip: Learn techniques to dry your hair as you can adopt a lot of new styles when your hair is dry.

5. Finish it off with a perfect shoe or sandals

Does your office allow you to wear chappals? I’m sure they wouldn’t! When it comes to choosing footwear’s, you have full freedom and there are a lot of designs and varieties available. Choose patterns, colours and designs that suit your attire and it is advisable to pick the sandals when you choose your dress.

  • Tip: Don’t forget to change the nail paints on your toe when you wear an exposed sandals.

Keep all the things ready one day prior so that you can get ready as quick as possible. Never forget to be stylish even when you are at work!

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