6 Fun Things We Always Do In Monsoon


Delhi-ites know the joy of monsoon-like no other. After days of scorching heat in summer, rain feels like an ultimate salvation to us. It brings forth so many reasons to be happy. Here are quite a few things that we always do or tend do feel like doing in monsoon.

1.It’s raining bliss


No matter how disgusting people claim the rain water is or how we could catch a cold in the rain. That never stopped us from dancing and shower in the rain, and nothing ever will. Basically, it’s like showering, but different and better.

2.Sleeping through the rain

Sleeping in Rain

There is some sweet magic in the drops of the rain. I challenge you to watch the rain pouring down from your window for 5 minutes or so, and I bet you’ll want to lie down and close your eyes.  I don’t know if it’s the beautiful and serene view or the chill. Everything adds up to make you feel like cuddling in a warm blanket and go to sleep.

3.Smoldering hot coffee


Nothing beats the chill of rain than a hot cocoa drink. Take that blanket, pick up your favorite novel and enjoy the rain while sipping hot coffee with little marshmallows in it. And if you don’t want to read anything you could just watch the rain from your window while having coffee.

4. Movies and music

Movies N Music

In this perfect weather, you could catch up with some new movies that you have wanted to watch for so long. Commence your movie marathon this monsoon. Being dramatic all the way, you could also enjoy some music fit for rainy days and get lost in those melodious tunes of your favorite song.

5. Fried food mania

Fried Food

There’s definitely some strong connection between rain and craving of hot fried food. Well, most of us crave just for some pakoras or bhajis with a garam chai, only that would do.  Roasted corn or ‘bhutta’ in Delhi is one popular snack enjoyed in a monsoon with some lime juice and Chat masala. Samosey, Choley Bhaturey, Chaat, Momos are all some most popular food in the season of monsoon.

6. Long drives

Long Drives

You no longer have to wait to go out with your friends or your other half. With this pleasant weather long drive is the best thing you can do. Now that, this weather has made you little adventurous, you should enjoy it. It’s not like rain happens in Delhi every day. Play some music in the background and you are good to go.

These were the things we do in monsoon. So if it’s raining outside your door, don’t just sit there but try and make the most of this day.

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