7 Amazing Bridal Looks You Can Go With


An Indian bride is the perfect symbol of elegance and grace. The Indian outfit for a bride is something that correctly brings out the gorgeous side of a woman. With the ever-growing ranges in the fashion styles, the bridal looks have been enhanced as well. Apart from the native bridal looks, many more sophisticated styles have been introduced to make the bride a diva! If you are the one looking for something different and innovative for your big day, then you have got to try these amazing looks listed below.

1. Bring in the flowers!

Bridal Looks

Nothing accentuates the beauty of a bridal look other than a set of beautiful flowers. Wear a beautiful bunch of shiny red roses in your hair bun. Your whole look will give out positive vibes, and I am sure you would be nothing less than a treat to the eyes!

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2. Braid decoration.

Bridal Looks

Instead of always making a bun, as an alternative, you can make a fish braid and decorate it using several things. Enhance the ordinary bridal look using small flowers or shiny pins and beads. The flowing things in the braid would attract everyone, and with a flowy lehnga, it would definitely look graceful.

3. Go Golden.

Bridal Looks

Sure the red, the oranges, the pinks and the purples look amazing. But the gold one has just arrived, and it is swaying everyone off their feet just the same, only better! Could you possibly glitter more other than in a shiny golden dress? If you are looking for a sophisticated outfit, this one should be your first preference!

4. Cape Mania

Bridal Looks

This is sure to bring out the princess side of you. Wear a net cape over your gown for your reception or sangeet, and you are ready to turn heads. Along with looking elegant, it would separate you from all the ordinary dresses around the world. You’ve got to try this!

5. Statement Gowns

Bridal Looks

Yes, not just the ordinary gowns, you go to get your hands on the new statement designer gowns. These will be perfect for your wedding cocktail party. Pick one in a bridal feel, and you are all set to rock your big day.

6. Go for rich colors and large jewellery

Bridal Looks

Try to align yourself to the rich colours in lehengas such as deep red, or wine red. Throw on a velvet dupatta or a mirror work dupatta. Take it up an edge in terms of the traditional flavours. And for the jewellery, go for one single neckpiece which looks like over-sized one. Like the ones in the Jodha Akbar movie. They look really elegant and are the best suit for the bride.

7. Draped Saree

Bridal Looks

This look, when coupled with a beautiful set of Gajra, will take your way up on your big day. Normal saree is worn by everyone. Take it up a notch on your big day using this draped saree look.

These were some of the prettiest and the most stunning bridal looks for you to try on this season. Make everyone go WoW!!

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