7 Quirky Book Subscription Boxes Available In India

Book Subscription Boxes

Happy Book Day!
Hey all you bibliophiles. Keep down your books for a second. Okay. We can wait while you complete the current chapter but only one chapter okay? Done? Great.
Wishing a very happy book day to all you readers out there. 23rd April is officially celebrated as World Book Day. Well, regardless if you are a reader or not we suggest that this book day you promise yourself to get through at least one book in a year. As for avid readers, one book is week’s job for you. But guess what your book reading experience just got more interesting. The worst feeling for every book reader is which book to read next? Well, what if at the beginning of every month you get a full quota of books on your doorstep? A dream come true. Thanks to amazing book subscription boxes available throughout the country today, you can get a box full of happiness every month. So we made a list of Book Subscription Boxes which will make any book lover go gaga.

1. The Literati Box

Book Subscription Boxes

This subscription box is our home grown one hailing from Bengaluru. This one is going just perfect for anyone who is on a budget. With just at INR 999 (no additional shipping charges), you get a box full of books. A real treat for all fiction lovers. Not only do you get fantastic reads but also small titbits like chocolate biscuits or small post-it notes. If you are a young as well as adult reader, we would strongly suggest that you indulge in this book box as it is best suited for a small budget.

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2. The Bookish Box

Book Subscription Boxes

If you are someone who loves to surround himself with literary themed goodies, then this one is for you. With books, you get quoted mugs. Printed T-shirts, creative bookmarks and much more. One of the coolest things about this box is that it has many package deals that you can choose from, a great gifting option for a friend who always has his nose in a book.

3. The Nerdy Box

Book Subscription Boxes

A perfect blend on YA (young adult novels) and adult fiction. You will get the top rated books by the best-selling authors. This book box will make sure that you get the best gifts. From cute pins and badges to harry potter themed necklaces, you will have the jewellery that no one else has.

4. The Biblio Box

Book Subscription Boxes

A hard-core theme-oriented book box, they are sure to surprise you every month with something new. This book box keeps a great balance of international and Indian authors. One of my favorite things about this book box is the fact that you can customize a book box according to your interests. So, if you are someone who loves to read fantasy novels then, you can customize your box to just get books of that particular genre.

5. BiblioFreaks

Book Subscription Boxes

The Bibliofreaks stands out from all the other book boxes simply because here, you get to read books that have already been read. You will get books on significant discounted rates and trust us you will be more than happy. The best part is that you can re-sell the books once you have finished reading them.

6. LitBundle

Book Subscription Boxes

Two sisters with their great love of books gave birth to this venture. If you love YA books, then this box is for you. They research well and send you the latest books. With a poster or any other fandom artifact, you also get a handwritten note telling you all about the box. Well, who doesn’t like handwritten notes?

7. Paper Planes

Book Subscription Boxes

If you are not a book lover but love to go through the glossy pages of a magazine, then this one is for you. Choose any three genres of your interest. For example travel fashion, food and get blessed with indie magazines where you will discover something new every month. In fact, you also have a surprise me an option in case you are feeling a little crazy.

So, these Book Subscription Boxes are little pieces of heaven for any book lover. We suggest, you bookmark these websites and place in your orders for next month. While you wait for your books to come, we advise you to continue reading the next chapter. So, which book box is your favourite do let us know in the comment section below. And for more posts like this do subscribe our page and follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. Till then stay tuned..!!

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