I Framed My Wife’s Gorgeous Smile Forever!


The only complaint my wife has ever had with me is that I am not very romantic. We have been dating since college. I was an engineering student with my expertise being machines and chemical formulae. On the other hand she was a literature student which by default makes her a hopeless romantic, reading great works of Jane Austen, The Bronte Sisters, and Charles Dickens all through her life. Plus she loved Bollywood movies. So, undoubtedly she loved the idea and concept of love. Before she walked into my life the only priority I had were my books.


It was one day while working on a group project in college canteen that that I heard a laugh. A twinkling sweet, funny laugh. Instantly, I turned around to see a beautiful girl smiling. Unfortunately, all my friends sitting with me too, had turned around and were shamelessly staring at her. Well, who could really blame them?

The louder she laughed the harder I fell for her.


I know the next question is going to be.

What’s your love story?

Well. It’s not much really. After following her around the campus for about a couple of months. I gathered the courage to ask her out for a coffee date. Soon after that we became inseparable. In the eight years that we have been together, we have seen it all the highs, lows, promotions, rejections everything together.


I feel that I am the luckiest man alive to have found her. Even though I don’t express it much, but unlike me, she doesn’t shy away from expressing. From handwritten love letters to surprise birthday parties, she has done it all.

Even though ours was a love marriage, we didn’t have to deal with any sort of melodrama like they show in movies. Much to my wife’s dismay.

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But this Valentines’ day, I vowed to express my love for her in the most romantic way possible. Now, because I am a first timer I wanted to start small. I searched the internet looking for something unique. Something which is different from the usual flowers, chocolates and is a permanent gift. That’s when my colleague suggested me www.smilemiddle.com.


I sent them the picture of my wife smiling because that’s when I find her the most beautiful. Soon, I got a portrait of my wife replicated perfectly, the details the color everything was exactly as I wanted. The artist had captured the true beauty of my wife through his pencil. I framed her stunning smile forever.

My wife loved it! She had tears in her eyes, and as she saw it. Presently the portrait hangs proudly in our living room. So whoever enters our house is welcomed by the most beautiful smile on earth.

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