International World Forestry Day-21st March

World Forestry Day

One of our grandparent’s favorite thing to do is sit down with us while sipping hot tea and tell us tales from their childhood or stories about our parents. Their stories take place in an entirely different period.  An era where they talk about climbing tall trees, and playing hide and seek in the dense forest, they used to pick out mangoes right from the tree, and they fled when the Gardner chased them. They have stories of random encounters with wild animals in the forest.  Coming back to the present generation we people just have memories of buildings and metro rails. Not that advancement of technology is bad. But then an age old question arises at what cost?

It’s not a secret that deforestation is a major problem not only faced by India but the whole wide world. Chopping down of trees and clearing forest areas to make space for industries or urban setups or even agriculture is all included in deforestation. According to research one and a half acres of forest is chopped down every second. The speed of deforestation has increased so has the presence of greenhouse gasses, and up to twenty-eight thousand animal species have become extinct.

Beginning of World Forestry Day

World Forestry Day

This has not been a new development, in fact, it’s a long ongoing process.  Back in 1971 at the General Assembly of European Confederation of Agriculture consisting of renowned ecologists and world leaders who had foreseen this dilemma, had announced 21st March to be celebrated as International World Forestry Day.

Almost four decades back smart, worldly thinkers had known that our world would need a day to spread awareness of a basic fact. That is to save our forests.

“Did you know that 20% of the planet’s oxygen comes only from the rain-forests of Amazon”. Oxygen is the essence of life. By cutting down trees, we are decreasing our chances of healthy living. A place like Delhi or Mumbai is considered to be a smoke chamber simply because we just don’t see any greenery there are no trees or plants or even bushes for that matter. “Maybe that’s the reason why last Diwali, the polluted air stayed in Delhi for good six days after the festival had ended.”

We as humans are a part of a vast ecological system. This cycle consists of animals as small as an insect and as majestic as a Lion. Now, imagine that there are a hundred species in this period which keep the cycle moving. Suddenly, a few species start disappearing. The whole balance of the ecological person will collapse. It is bound to affect each and every species in the cycle including the Human. So, in a way we are destroying our species.

This is a global problem.

Our Contribution To Mother Earth

World Forestry Day

We all need to stand together and take a step forward. How?

Well, all you need to do to make a difference is just start small. Take baby steps and guaranteed you will make mother earth happy.

We at team Buzzforinfo have made a pledge to do our bit on International World Forestry Day. We bought a sapling and as a team we planted it and have vowed to take care of it. It is not a massive initiative, but we sure have done our bit, and we strongly suggest that you join us.

“Each One Plant One.”

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