Let’s Make Water Interesting This Summer


Summers are officially here. With the capital already hitting forty Degrees Celsius in mid-April, we can’t even imagine what the upcoming months have for us. In this scorching heat one solution to beat the summer is always staying hydrated. Be it your grandmother, your aunt or your family doctor they are all going to suggest you drink lots and lots of water. Water helps in regulating your body temperature keeping you cooler and also lubricates our joints as well. If you are dehydrated, you can start to feel nauseous, dizzy, faint or even weak from a stroke. We suggest that you always keep water near you. We understand that drinking plain water can get a bit annoying. That is why we have come up with quirky ways of how you can spice up your water this Summer, so you stay hydrated and healthy.

1. Funky Fruits


There is no denying the fact that nothing is healthier than fruits. So, every morning choose your favorite fruits to cut it up into thin slices and drop them in your water bottle. Preferable the fruits should be citrus ones like Kiwi, oranges, etc. So, every time you drink you get the tangy taste of fruits on your lips.

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2. Mint It Up, this summer


Who doesn’t like the minty, fresh taste? Just add about eight to ten mint (Pudhina) leaves to your water. Every time you sip it, you will find it refreshingly cool. It is better than chewing gum.

3. So Sweet!


Well, if like us you have a sweet tooth then we suggest you sweeten up your water. Add powdered sugar or brown sugar crystals to your water. So every time you sip you feel better.

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4. Add A Topping


Now, this one is right from our grandmother’s book of tricks and tips. Add Roohafza or tang or Rasna syrup to your water. So, it feels like you are drinking something flavored throughout the day. If you are a mom and have kids running around then, make sure that you do the same with their water as well. Kids can just not resist flavored water.

5. DIY


No, we are not telling you to make your water, we understand that it is next to impossible. But you can make aam panna at home or Jaljeera or even lassi. So, that whenever you come back from a sunny day, you already have a homemade drink ready to be served.

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6. Cute Bottle


Well, this one is for all the shopping addicts. Buy a water bottle that you get to flaunt all the time in your social circle. With a bottle as pretty as yours, you will not be able to keep your hands off it.

Now with these incredible tips, we assure you that you will be drinking so much more water. You will be super hydrated and healthy all through the season. We will keep you updated with these tips that you may be aware but generally you forget in your busy life. So, do not forget to subscribe the page and follow us on social media. Stay Hydrated this summer, Stay Tuned…!!

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