Reasons To Hug Everyone, This Hug Day!!

Hug Everyone

With the ongoing Valentines week.  Today is officially Hug day but before you click out of this post thinking it to be another one of the Valentine’s Day drama. Let us tell you that Hugging is not only a way to express your love but it has loads of other health benefits. Surprised?? Well, we have science backing us up on this one. We will give you five kickass reasons to hug your BAE way more tightly.

Hug Day 1. Goodbye Pains

Hugging releases endorphins in our body which help in reducing pains by circulation of soft tissue in your body. This means the next time you get your cramps just hug your partner and feel instantly better.

2. Reduces Stress

Hugging circulates your Cortisol levels into the blood. In common language, the stress hormones get diluted when hugged. In fact according to a study babies who were hugged more suffer less stress than the rest. So, if you had a tough day at work just cuddle up with your sweetheart and watch your favorite movie. You won’t be that troubled at all.

3. Stronger Immune System

I am not joking, but people who are hugged more are found out to have fewer infections and flu than the hugged ones. The warmth from the other body helps strengthen the immune system, and you will fall sick a lot less.

Hug Day

4. No Heart Diseases

Hugging increases your heart rate, pumping blood through hence keeping your heart healthy and diseases at bay. Make your heart super happy and hugging your loved one will make both your heart beat for each other.

5. Stronger Bonding

Hugging releases the hormone Oxytocin which helps in stimulating feelings such as commitment and love. Your bonding is going to last a lifetime if you hug for 10 minutes daily.

Hug Day

We personally feel why wait for Hug Day to express your love just make it routine to hug your partner daily. Only for health purposes.

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