Super Useful Gifts To Give Your BAE This V-Day

Useful Gifts

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you must be searching around for the perfect gift to give your better half. But just stop and think for a second why follow the stereotypical trail of presents like everyone else? Chocolates, flowers, teddies, etc. It’s better to gift something that your partner will use daily rather than the cliche gifts. We have made you a kickass list of things which will get a 100-watt smile on the face of your love.

1. Power-Banks

Useful Gifts

This is an ideal gift for a couple in a long-distance relationship as a phone is something that connects the two of you. The best thing to give your love this season is a power bank it’s something that they will use on a regular basis. Most importantly this gift will help them to stay in touch with you. That’s killing two birds with one stone. 

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2. Flying Adventure

Useful Gifts

Memory is the most permanent gift ever. If you both are the thrill seeker types then why not gift an experience of a lifetime. Flyboy one such fantastic company which gives you wings to fly with their unique paramotoring experience. They are top grade professionals who have catered to the likes of Ranbir Kapoor and Randeep Hooda. Imagine being up in the air with the wind in your hair. It will be one hell of a ride. So, contact them ASAP before all spots are filled.

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3. Adult Coloring Book

Useful Gifts

These coloring books are majorly trending nowadays. According to psychologists and therapists, coloring reduces stress by 25% in an average adult. So, order one for your BAE and help them relax.

4. Gift Vouchers

Useful Gifts

If you are one of those, who is not very good at picking gifts and ends up always getting them wrong. Then, we have a super easy option for you. Just send your loved one a gift card this service is available on every online shopping website. This way your BAE will get exactly what they want, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

5. Plant

Useful Gifts

If your partner is a nature lover, then there is nothing better than gifting him/her a small plant for their office or bedside table. Not only will it always remind them of you when they daily water it but as it grows so will their happiness.

6. Phone/Laptop Cover

Useful Gifts

This one is if you are on a budget. No one can deny the fact that laptops and mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. So, why not buy them a customized cover with a very special message or picture of the two of you. Trust us they will love it.

7. Sneakers

Useful Gifts

Everyone uses sneakers, in fact, it makes a better gift than any other shoes because they are used on a regular basis. It’s an important part of our wardrobe. Just buy the most comfortable shoes for your love and to make it even more special pick their favorite color!!

TIP: Make sure you know the correct shoe size otherwise you will have to return it. Not romantic at all.

8.Travel Bag

Useful Gifts

We don’t realize, but this one is quite high on our need list. Everyone travels be it for work or pleasure, and we all need suitcases. Buy your love a colorful, vibrant case so even after living miles away you can always be on their mind.

9. Spa/Massage Treatments

Useful Gifts

Help your sweetheart relax this Valentine’s Day. Treat them to a spa or a massage day. Pamper them with essential oils and soulful music. Book an appointment on the weekend so your love can beat the Monday blues.

10. Camera

Useful Gifts

There are two kinds of people in the world. One who likes to click and other who likes to get clicked. Regardless of what your partner favors, I am sure a camera is a great gift. You and your partner can take tons pictures which will last you for a lifetime.

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