The Tale Of Chaitra Navratre

Chaitra Navratre

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Now, if you are surprised and are wondering what is Chaitra Navratre then don’t be surprised because you are not the only one. I am sure that you are well aware that the Hindu festival of Navratre is a bi-annual event. There is two Navratre seasons one in spring and the other in autumn. Presently we are celebrating the Spring Navratre. People are confused and unaware as to why we celebrate the same festival twice in a year. Well, don’t worry we cover everything so by the end of this article you can be the one with complete knowledge about this festival.

As Indians follow the Hindu calendar, which is also known as a lunisolar calendar. According to that, the new year comes in Spring that is the month of March. A big reason to celebrate this Navratre is also to welcome the new year. This is also the time when the crops are ripe and are ready to be cut. The crops are harvested and sold in the market. This marks a beginning of a new harvest where the farmers will sow seeds for a new breed of a crop.
The Chaitra Navratre ends with Ram Navi the birthday of Lord Rama who is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The nine days are celebrated in Hindu households with great pomp and show. These nine days are dedicated to the nine forms of the goddess Shakti. It has celebrated over a period of nine days. Each day symbolizes and celebrates a particular form of the Devi Shakti. Read on to ease your curious mind.

Day 1: Dedicated to Goddess Shailputri

Chaitra Navratre

Shailputri the name alone means daughter of the mountains. She is said to be born from The King of Mountains – Parvat Raj Himalaya. She is supposed to be the essence of our earthly existent hence the Navratre festivals kick start from paying homage to her. Her second popular name is Hemanava. One of her important temples is located in Marhia Ghat in Varanasi. The second temple is located in Hedavade Village in Maharashtra. On this day Kalash Sthapana is the most important ritual.

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Day 2: Dedicated to Goddess Brhamacharini

Chaitra Navratre

The story surrounding Brhamacharini is kind of interesting. She had vowed to marry Lord Shiva even though her parents were against it. She penanced in the forest for about five thousand years to attain her goal. In the end, Shiva went to her disguised as an old man to discourage her from her goal. When she still didn’t relent her finally accepted her hand in marriage. On this day the most important ritual is Chand Darshan that is praying to the new moon.

Day 3: Dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta

Chaitra Navratre
Chandraghanta goddess wears a half a moon on her head which is in the shape of bell hence her name. She was a form taken up by Goddess Parvati when Lord Shiva was in fearsome at their wedding. He scared Parvati’s parents to the extent that her mother fainted. So, she took up this majestic form to persuade to come in a different shape and he immediately did so. She is a form of a goddess associated with rationality and justice. This is the day when all married or to be wed couples should pray for a long happy married life.

Day 4: Dedicated to Goddess Kushmanda

Chaitra Navratre

The word Kushmanda hen translated means “ cosmic egg.” She is said to be the whole sole creator of the universe. It is said from her left eye she created Mahakali from the right Maha Saraswati and from her third eye she created Mahalaxmi. Shiva is husband to Kali Devi, Brahma to Saraswati and Vishnu to Laxmi. She resides in the sun as it is the center of our solar system. Hence on this day sun is worshiped for prosperity. In some parts of India, a pumpkin is given to her in the form of prayers.

Day 5: Dedicated To Goddess Skanda

Chaitra Navratre
The Evil Demon Tarkasur pleased Lord Brahma with his penance and asked for immortality. When Brahma denied that he is thinking that Lord Shiva would never get married, he said only a Shiva born should be able to kill him. So, when Shiva married Parvati, their first born Kartikeya or Skanda Kumar was the death of the demon. This goddess celebrates a mother-son relationship. It was only after that he was made the commander-in-chief of god’s warrior team.

Day 6 Dedicated to Goddess Katyayani

Chaitra Navratre
It was when Mahishasura had created havoc and all the demi-gods rushed to Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu for help. Then these three gods combined their power and made Katyayini who defeated Mahishasur and his complete army. She is worshiped as she is known to be the protector and will keep you and your household safe from all evils.

Day 7 Dedicated To Goddess Kalratri

Chaitra Navratre
The story of this goddess is shown in the mythology on various occasions. She is shown in Mahabharata, Skanda Purana, Varaha Purana, etc. She is the goddess depicting the dark side of life and mother nature namely destruction and death. Her Temple is situated in Varanasi. She I worshiped as in respect to the cycle of life and peace to the ones gone.

Day 8 Dedicated To Goddess Mahagauri

Chaitra Navratre
This is the fairest form of the Devi Shakti. Her story revolves around fair complexion. On the eight days, Sandhi Puja is also done in parts of India. This puja lasts from last 24 minutes of Asthami to the first 24 minutes of ninth day of Chaitra Navratre.

Day 9 in Chaitra Navratre Dedicated to Goddess Siddhidatri

Chaitra Navratre
This is the day Lord Vishnu were born as his seventh incarnation Lord Rama to destroy the Demon King Ravana. This day is dedicated to Goddess Siddhidatri her name translates to the giver of supernatural power. She is supposed to be the mistress of all perfections and achievements. Hence, an excellent way to end the auspicious Navratri.

So, now that you know everything about the Chaitra Navratre. Makes sure to share it ahead and improve the knowledge. Till then, we hope you have a great and fantastic Navratri festival. Do subscribe to our page and stay tuned for more updates.

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