Uthralikavu Pooram, the delightful festival of Kerala

Uthralikavu Pooram

A row of elephants decorated with beautiful accessories, stunning fireworks, and drum band is the scene set during the Uthralikavu Pooram festival in God’s own country Kerala. It is a visual delight. People from across the State and country gather at Sri Ruthira Mahakalikavu Temple in Thalappilli, Enkakad Village, Wadakancheri Panchayat, of Thrissur District in Central Kerala to celebrate this grand and majestic festival. Located amidst lush greenery the festival falls during the month of Kumbham according to the Malayalam Calendar.  Special prayers are offered to Goddess Kali. It is the most important festival of Kerala.

What You’ll Love In Uthralikavu

Uthralikavu Pooram
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Uthralikavu is the most spectacular festivals one must visit during the summer.

  • Colorful decorations of elephants
  • Procession of elephants
  • Panchavadyam – Drum orchestration
  • Pandimelam – Drum Orchestration
  • Fireworks

History of Sri Ruthira MahakalikavuTemple

Lord Shiva’s Tale

People believe that the village Enkakad Village got its name from Thinkalakadu meaning the hair of Lord Siva where the moon resides. Lord Shiva once bagged rice from the hill near Uriyarikunnu and prepared dinner near Machad, also known as Vechanad.  Lord Shiva admired the place and asked two goddesses to stay back. One was Rudhiramahakali also known as Uthrali in the northeast and the other was Thiruvaani. Locals still believe that Thiruvaanikavu is the elder sister. Hence, Thivuvanikkavu Pooram festival takes place one week prior to Uthralikavu Pooram.

The Story Of Uthrali Bhagavath

People also believe that Uthrali Bhagavathi is another form of Mookambika Devi. She is the sister of Mahakurumba one among the deities who built the Shiva Temple in Karumarakkad, Wadakancheri south of Utralikavu. They believe that on the Special Pooram, Karumarakkad comes to Uthralikavu to see her sister.  Pooram at both locations Karumarakkad and Uthralikavu start simultaneously and elephant procession come to Uthralikavu where both Bhagavathies meet, stand in line and Kooti Ezhunnallathu takes place.

Uthralikavu Pooram

Special Prayers

Tamil Brahmin Community from Chkkingal Madam offers special pooja at this temple. You can see the usual Namboodri community in this temple. From the time of Tipu Sultan’s rule, until now, we can see only Tamil Brahmin community here offering pooja.

Uthralikavu Pooram Festival

Uthralikavu Vela is known as Uthralikavu Pooram. Later it was termed as Uthralikavu Pooram. Flag hoisting takes place seven days in advance of Uthralikavu Pooram. In ancient days, grain was measured in Kerala as Para. The offerings should be one-Para paddy, some flowers, jaggery, turmeric, raw rice, fruits and more. The Goddess comes out of the temple and goes around the village to meet her devotees. The representative of Goddess gives faith to the devotees by creating a divine experience with Chenda Melam, Cymbals, and  the musical horn (Shank).

The Uthralikavu Pooram begins at Enkakad village on the auspicious day followed by Kumaranellur and the Wadakancheri. The procession from three parties also known as Ezhunnallathu  will join together with their decorated elephants in front of the main Pooram avenue near the temple. It is a wonderful sight to see the decorated elephants along with traditional music and fireworks.

The three villages in Wadakancheri, Enkakad and Kumaranellur participate in this function year after year. This festival happens soon after the harvest. People also participate in different art forms of Kerala like Pootham, Thira, kummatti, Kathakali, Nayadi and more.


Uthralikavu temple is full of greenery and agriculture.  State Highways and railway lines connect the temple.

Nearest Town: Wadakancheri, 4 km away
Nearest Railway station: Thrissur, 21 km away
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport, 72 km away

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