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Delhi Restaurants

Now, that Navratri festival is in full swing, I am sure a lot of you being pure devotees of the Goddess are also fasting. The only problem that one faces during a Navratri fast is food. As followers eat only one meal in the whole day, it is vital that the food they eat is filling and healthy. But if you stay in Delhi you don’t have to fear about good food. The capital is known for its food. Delhi restaurants are known in the country to serve great food and this Navratri you will not miss out on tasty food. We went around the whole city eating (for research purposes only)and looking for the best Navratri Thalli. As always the city surprised us back with not one but five six incredible places. These are the places even the fast keeping devotees can eat healthy food.

1. Sattvik

Delhi Restaurants
This place is like paradise for any and every vegetarian. It is a great restaurant to have a complete family dinner. With a classic white and brown combination this place in your quintessential Indian restaurant which will be liked by your youngest cousin and your grandmother as well. So, plan a big family get together this Navratri and take you family to Sattvik. While you are there order the Thalli and guaranteed you will not be disappointed. Another additional plus to this restaurant is that the Thalli is unlimited so you can have ore that one helping. The staff is very efficient and will not keep you waiting. Total value for money.

Address: 2nd Floor, Select City Walk Mall
INR 1200 For Two People

2. Govinda’s

Delhi Restaurants
This is restaurant is counted amongst one of the most unique Delhi restaurants. Visit the beautiful ISKCON temple and make both your soul and tummy happy. Govinda’s is a vegetarian restaurant which before serving to its customers serves Lord Krishna. That is the reason why this place has named itself Govinda which is another name for Krishna Ji. One can not only enjoy the fantastic food here but can get a wholesome experience here as well. The staff here is very friendly and would make you feel at home. Once you are here be sure to attend the aarti and Kirtan which takes place every day at 8:00 pm, then only can you truly enjoy the essence of ISKON temple.

Address: East Of Kailash, ISKCON Temple Complex
INR 1100 For Two People

3. Suruchi

Delhi Restaurants
If you want to eat authentic Gujarati or Rajasthani food, this is the place to go. Serving yummy vegetarian food this restaurant is also light on the pocket compared to other restaurants. The service is commendable, and if you are a cleanness freak, you will surely be impressed by the hygiene of this place. So, after a long day of shopping make sure to hit this place for the yummy food. No wonder it is considered to be one of the best Delhi restaurants.

Address : Ajmal Khan Road, opposite Roopak Store, Karol Bagh
INR 700 price for two people

4. Veg Gulati

Delhi Restaurants

The Navratri thalli prepared is specially cooked without garlic or onion. The food is delicious. The portions are big, and you will have a full meal. This is a great place for lunch. If you want to eat food that will leave a long after taste on your tongue. Then, this is the place to hit. This place is very popular with vegetarians and serves delicious food plus has a great ambiance.

Address: Pandora Road Market
INR 1000 price for two people

5. Haldirams

Delhi Restaurants
This chain of restaurant is a savior too many. One can find it in every nook and corner of the city. The food is affordable and hygienic. One can be sure that they will not be risking themselves to any stomach infection. The navratre thalli they serve is pretty standard but is very filling. Also f you are on a strict budget this is the place to go.
These are five such places which will even make a hardcore Non-vegetarian relish the veggies. These places are perfect for a family dinner out in this festival.  These Delhi restaurants will make sure that all the people keeping fasts have a full tummy this Navrate.

INR 500 price for two people
Address: All Over The City.

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