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Obesity is a condition when the fat gets accumulated inside your body to the extent that can be dangerous for the overall health of your body. Most of us prefer Rice than Roti in the meal-time, but do you know that your cooking habits can considerably affect your body fat that can be harmful at later stages of your life? Rice is one of our favorite meal-time dishes that have high-calorie content. We are here to guide you with a simple cooking hack that can reduce the calorie content of Rice making it safe and healthy for eating. Surprisingly, if you are a frequent Rice eater, then you must adopt this cooking hack in order to reduce the Rice calorie content by almost 60%.

Many Scientists have even favored this study that if you cook the best variety of Rice using the right technique, you are able to reduce the calorie content by 50-60%. So, why not give it a try.

Cooking Tips/ Tricks that everyone must learn to live a healthy and fit life

Cooking Hack

Here we will discuss the method where you will boil the white Rice with Lipids like coconut oil.

Coconut Oil is healthy for your body and doesn’t allow much fat to find a place inside your body. This Cooking tips can do wonders if practiced according to the instructions given by us. Here, we go with the actual process step-wise that you need to follow:

  1. The first step is to wash the Rice thoroughly and bring it to the normal state.
  2. Then in the next step, Take some quantity of water (twice the amount of rice taken) and add some coconut oil to it.
  3. Add Rice and then bring the water to boil as you normally do.
  4. Remove the Rice from the stove and if you feel that every piece of rice is soft enough, then at this stage, your boiled rice are ready to eat. This is actually we all do at home.

Now the Magic here is How to reduce the calorie content?

Cooking Hack

Your wait for this answer is over now!

Our last step is to refrigerate the rice for approx. 12 hours and after this Healthy and low-calorie content, rice is ready to eat.

This is one of the simplest cooking tips that we have ever seen in today’s time.

Your final Cooking tips or we say the trick is here that can be practiced to reduce the calorie content of original rice to almost 50-60%. In short, we can say that you get an additional benefit of eating rice that is 50% healthier now. This method of Preparation will surely reduce the number of digestible starch and hence calorie content will automatically come down. Scientifically, we can say that this method reduces the glycogen level substituting it with the resistant starch that Human body can never absorb and in that case, your body is not accumulating anything extra.

Hence, you are not adding any excess of calories to your food content.

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