Mug Recipes To Surprise Her This Women’s Day

Mug Recipes

Even though Women’s day is not an official holiday. We believe that all the ladies deserve to be pampered and made a fuss about. So, all the men out there be it husbands, fathers, brothers, boyfriends or even best friends. It’s time to tell your girl how special she is and if by chance your girl is a major foodie then make her smile with minimal effort. In case you are unaware but Mug recipes are majorly trending as they super easy to make and it’s also super filling. We have shortlisted 4 super easy DIY mug recipes for you to give a try and make your love happy.

1. Mug Pizza

Mug Recipes

Pizza is a very safe choice simple because everyone loves pizza. Spoil your girl with cheesy morning of her favorite junk food that too in her favorite mug.  The recipes is super easy to make and will not take you more than two minutes to complete. Click Here to know, how it can be cooked easily.

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2. Macaroni and Cheese In A Mug

Mug Recipes

Nothing tastes better than the classic American style dish of mac and cheese after a long hard day of work. All your lady love wants to do is indulge in some unhealthy snacking. So, cheat on your diets for a day and make her some greasy good food while you give her a nice foot rub. Want to know, how to cook. Then Buzz here!

3. Chocolate Cake in A Mug

Mug Recipes

Not a new thing to know that we girls love, chocolate and a cake is our weakness. A soft sweet piece of cake will give her the perfect beginning of the day. The cake might be long gone but your gesture will be remembered for the rest of the day. What are you waiting for? Click here to know.

4. Bluberry Muffin is one of amazing Mug Recipes

Mug Recipes

If your girl is super busy then make her something that she can carry around. Normally, on occasions like these we would get her a muffin. Well, now you can make her one that too in a mug so its easy for her to eat it while on the go. Check out this Recipe.

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With this super nice gesture all her complaints of you not ever cooking will fade away and what more you will make 8th march super special for her.

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