10 Ways How IOS 8 Has Changed Our Life


People always get excited when Apple announces the launch of their new products.  The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus triggered the interest of gadget freaks not just for the look but iPhone fans were driven by the supporting operating system, advanced design, and quality.

The IOS 8 operating system is improved and creates a new dimension to the Apple customers.

1. Notifications have become interactive

When you upgrade to a new phone or operating system, you can expect a better performance that will change your life. Now, you can access notification on your phone without closing down the existing application. Just swipe through and read the new notification without closing the existing app.

2. Install your favorite keyboard

Unlike the other model iPhone, the new one comes with the latest operating system that allows you to install Third party keyboard making it easy for you to type.

3. IOS 8 has predictive keyboard

Won’t it make your life simple when the typing system suggests you words that you wish to type? With the new OS, it makes suggestions for the upcoming words.

4. Get to your contact list

No more browsing down till you reach your contacts! With IOS 8 you can easily access the contacts by double tapping the home screen.

5. Space for more photos

Sharing photos with your loved ones are the best part in life. Without leaving the messaging window, you can share multiple photographs to your friends and family. Click lovely pictures and share it with your family instantly.

6. Send more photos like never before

With the new radial wheel camera feature, you can capture a photo or video immediately and send them to your friends.

7. Application sharing is a new concept

When a new product is introduced in the market, we expect them to have an outstanding feature that makes our life simple. IOS 8 has not disappointed us in anyways! The main attraction of this series is the innovative application sharing concept that allows up to six members of your family access the application at the same time.

8. Having a group conversation is fun!

Catch up with your friends and family through group messages. Add new members, remove them and you can also leave the thread easily. The new operating systems take you closer to your friends and family.

9. Managing your Mails with new gestures

Instant flagging, deleting and sorting emails are the additional benefit that comes along with the new OS. You can also temporarily hide a new mail and concentrate on other tasks.

10. Do you know your health data can be stored in a single application?

This is the perfect example of IOS 8 changing your life in a better way. You can now store all the health and fitness data in a single file. Access your health information anytime instantly.

With many other additional benefits, the new IOS 8 offers a clutter-free access to your mobile that would change your life. Get used to the technology and lead a simpler life!

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