7 Interesting Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You Productive


Nowadays, Smartphone is everywhere; our day begins with it and ends with it. We carry our mobile devices wherever we go, listen to music, play games, read a book, and we also interact with our friends and relatives through the mobile phones. Why do they always term our mobile phone usage as addiction’ and not considered to be ‘productive’? Though people use their mobile phones for multiple purposes, there are a lot of ways to be productive!

1. Business podcasts to brush up your knowledge


How long does it take for you to reach your office? Spend your travel time usefully by reading the business news so that you can stay updated with the latest trends and techniques.  Install the best business apps that give you the industry news. Isn’t that a smart way to make your life productive with your smartphone?

2. Use apps for Voice recorders, notes and tasks to record your ideas!


No more sitting at your desk, squeezing your brain for new ideas! There are many apps that will assist you to make a quick note of the things that comes to your mind. This enhances your creativity on the move and wherever you are! With the use of the best app for making quick notes, you can quickly record your new ideas, thoughts, imaginations, suggestions, and options. You can get all this done with one touch! If you want to share your new business idea or thoughts to your friends, you can simply share the recorded message!

3. Do not spend more time on tapping your keyboard!


Oops!!! Are you wasting time finding the keys on your keyboard! The Smartphone comes with a small keyboard which may not be convenient all time, so it is important to look for the best keyboard assistance and find out shorthand terms for longer texts.

4. Switch to a better calendar

Video Games

Though the mobile device comes with a calendar, you can try the best one in the market that helps you to organize your tasks in a better way. Personal planning and office planning gets easier with the smart calendar applications so, go for it!

5. Use your smartphone for quick meetings!


Oh! Yes. You read it right. If you are looking to host a small meeting with your family or colleagues, you don’t have to travel from your home to office but quickly start a chat in the famous social media networks. Everyone uses social media so you must be able to catch up with them!

6. Use it as a personality development tool


With so many apps for tips, tricks, and personality development tools, you should be able to pick up your area of interest and start improving your skills instantly. There are a lot of good books that you can read online, health apps and exercise apps will also keep you active.

7. Reminders and alarm to achieve your goal


Do you have a goal to achieve in your life? Set reminder on your phone and it will keep you informed about your goal which will reduce your laziness and improves your productivity

Some people still consider the smartphone to be evil, but they are actually not if they are used in the right way! Learn to use it in a productive way and reap its benefits!

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