7 Wearable Devices That Becomes Essential In Our Life

Wearable Devices

Science and Technology are growing at a faster rate, and Wearable Technology is no lagging behind. Wearable devices have become an essential part of our lives too.

Google Glass is one of the topics of gadgets from Google today which is nothing but an LCD Google on your eye. This device is not alone; there is still more to wearable devices like watches, shoes, wristbands, and much more. Projects are still on that would soon make wearable fit shirts, a possibility.

Major companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung, have started making devices that can be worn on our self.  A huge competition in developing smart watch between Apple and Samsung has left everyone surprised even though smart watches are in the market for quite some time.

Most of the people already carry wearable devices in the form of smartphone apps, but the developers are taking initiatives to do something more than that.

Many devices already some with a sensor that can detect your actions and transform this information of yours’ on a smartphone or a desktop app. The same wearable technology has been introduced in shoes, basically for the trainers or athletes who play games like basketball.

Let us now see 7 wearable devices that have become an essential part of our lives:

1. Goggles:

Wearable Devices

Goggles from Google based on the latest Wearable technology are one of the devices that are going to last forever. Simply wearing these Goggles, you can get information about the things happening around the world. You can make calls, search data over the Internet, and much more.

2. Wrist Band:

Wearable Devices

The device used to keep track of the wearer. This wristband stores your information that can later be analyzed over smartphone using apps. Some of the popular brands Nike Fuel, Jawbone Up and Fit bit Flex have received considerable fame in Wrist Band Manufacturers’ Industry.

3. Shoes-Another wearable device:

Wearable Devices

Smart Shoes not just mean branded footwear, but it means something like sneakers that comes loaded with accelerometer sensor, gyroscopes, and pressure sensors in order to track your location and change it while walking or running.

4. Watches:

Wearable Devices

One of the common devices presents in India that is based on Wearable technology.  Smart watches are readily available that are replacing smartphone these days.

5. Clip-on-Click:

Wearable Devices

This is a camera based on wearable technology and perhaps most of the people already know about it. Spy cameras that are efficient enough to detect your pocket or a button hole. But the new wearable cameras are more about chronicling your life and less about spying.

6. Wearable Fabric:

Wearable Devices

Already in rounds and there are still more to come. Developers are making efforts to create such clothes that can fit your body shape. Bras and vests from Numetrex bras and vests can be brought to check your heart rates in the case anything goes wrong.

7. Various Fitness Goals devices:

Wearable Devices

There are devices that can detect your physical activity to alert you on where your body is going wrong.

Hopefully, you will find this list of wearable devices attractive and useful for carrying out your everyday tasks.

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