Everything You Should Know About Allo


Let’s say ‘hello’ to the Google’s new messaging app Allo which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. We have a lot of apps on our mobile to get connected to our friends and relatives; Messenger, Viber, Hike, WhatsApp and more, this Google App is going to be a ‘connecting app’ but it will be more personalized and will give you all new feel. Voice messages, Sticker patches, end-to-end encryption and above all, the artificial intelligence is surely a much-awaited feature that is going to grab the attention of the users!

Account creation and signup is an easy process!


Signing up for the first time using your mobile number and you are all set to use the features of this app. You can chat and send messages to your contacts instantly. The app also allows you to sync the Gmail account and hence you can keep track of your emails, calendar, and meetings through the app.  Don’t you think this feature makes it unique?

Is it similar to SMS or Hangout?


Your assumption is wrong! Allo is not connected with SMS or hangout chat! You can send messages and texts to those who have this app installed on their phones. The base design of this app is not meant to send SMS texts, but you can compare its similarities with WhatsApp. Currently, this app is used only on Mobile devices and cannot be accessed through web portals.

Google Assistant is here to help you!


Do you want to get contextual information within your chats? Google Assistant will do it the right way! Google Assistant works along with this app and keeps you updated with information, suggestions, emoji, and more. To spice it up, you have an incognito mode for private chats with a variety of pictures. This is exciting isn’t?

Use Allo while travelling! It shouldn’t be a problem!


Are you travelling out of the country? Switch SIM cards but you can still stay connected with Allo on your main phone number. You can stay connected with your friends and family even when you are abroad.  You must ensure that the main phone number is not connected to other phones using this app!

Do you want to whisper or shout?


There are many extra fun elements added in App that makes your texting even more fun! The whisper or shout feature definitely receives a thumbs up! Expressing your idea with multiple punctuation and exclamation can be avoided. Type your text, and drag your finger upwards by holding down the send button, it will increase the size of the text! Vent your anger or whisper you sorry in the right way!

Exciting sticker packs!


If you are too keen on using different stickers, you have a lot many here! Stickers made by artists around the world keep your chat session entertained!

So, what can we expect more in Allo? Google’s new introduction is surely going to be a great hit! Can we expect a video call facility in this app? Will Google make a note of this??

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