Top 5 Latest Blogging Apps in 2016


Don’t you feel Smartphone’s are taking the place of your personal computers and laptops? Users are no longer stuck with the aged desktops and laptops; they have moved to smartphones, tablets and iPads. While there are many apps created to handle a lot of tasks, the blogging apps brought big smiles on the bloggers and writers who need not stay glued to their computer tables. With multiple blogging applications, the writers and bloggers can capture their day-to-day life event and post them on their pages immediately.

Having received a huge applause for the blogging apps, the developers have created numerous blogging apps that have been unique in its way. Are you getting confused in selecting the good blogging? When the choices of apps are more, it gets tougher to choose the right apps. To avoid this confusion, here is the list of top 5 latest blogging apps that will help you to cherish your passion for writing.


For those who are in love with words and who write more words than adding pictures to their work, WordPress is the right choice. The application is easy to use, and those who have used WordPress on their personal computers can easily use them on mobile too. If you have a large display on your Smartphone, this application works the optimum!

Do you have a self-hosted WordPress blog? The application supports self-hosted websites and also on Smartphone’s which help you to add new posts, edit the existing ones and access the statistics and data through this fantastic app.


How many of you use Blogger? Raise your hands! Blogger, being developed by Google, does not have any additional sign up problems. Easily use your email address and Google credentials to sign in and post your blogs. Blogger has always been the best site for newbie writers and bloggers.

Blogger has a lot of added advantage like location tagging, adding a picture to blogs and articles and a lot of themes and options to customize.

3. Tumblr

If your creative mind looks for an interesting app to share posts, videos and photos, Tumblr is the best. Tumblr is the right app if you are looking for an interesting micro blogging website which has facilities to accommodate a lot of videos and pictures. Tweets customization, queuing the posts, saving the drafts and many other advantages are included by using Tumblr

4. BlogPress

If you are in the onset of looking for a full-featured blogging app, here we suggest you the ‘BlogPress App’ that works on multiple platforms and also allow you to share photos and videos instantly. Stay connected with social networking while you write you posts.

5. LiveJournal

Professional writer and bloggers mostly use LiveJournal, and it doesn’t disappoint the writer in any way. The Livejournal app paves the way for accessing the journal from the smartphone and handheld devices. The Livejournal app looks exactly same as the desktop ones that will allow you to publish your articles. Add your posts to several communities and have a group discussion.

Continue your passion by installing your favorite blogger apps on your smartphone!

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