5 Best Destinations You Should Visit This Year

best destinations

If you can’t travel now, you can travel never! Twenty years from now, your holiday trips and travel destinations will be your memories. So, what’s your plan this year? Have you found the best destinations to travel this year? Here is our bucket list that works as a starting point to plan you travel to the most admirable and lovely places around the world.

Dubai – It’s not the place only for rich!

Best Destinations

Dubai is one of the best destinations that you must visit this year. The Government of Dubai encourages international tourism, and they are open for people from different categories and status! People flood into Dubai mainly for shopping! It has more than 70 malls, and there are countless numbers of retail outlets that sell almost everything.

History, culture, entertainment, food and other special activities are endless in Dubai that will keep you entertained throughout your journey!

Maldives- the paradise on earth!


What adds flavor to your holiday? Won’t it be fun to witness the beauty of nature? Get a chance to enjoy the powdery white beaches, the crystal clear waters, tall palm trees, crystallized white sands, coral reef, sheds of turquoise, underwater life, and a peaceful environment! Maldives are an absolute leisure destination for newly wedded couples and family. There are thousands and thousands of islands and reefs to explore so it is time to wear an explorer’s hat and move around the islands discovering its uniqueness and beauty.

Do not miss the snorkeling in the Maldivian waters! Visit the Old Friday Mosque and the national museum.

Malaysia – A busy tourist destination with distinct experiences!


Get to enjoy a mixture of culture here! Malay, Chinese, and Indians are the primary occupants of Malaysia which are also the most preferred and one among the best destinations in the world. Malaysia is a place that interests all visitors with varied opinions and options. It caters the need of your entire family by offering different types of entertainment. While the elders relax in a cozy room, children can admire the wildlife in Malaysia.

Taman Negara, Mount Kinabalu, PETRONAS Twin Towers are the most interesting places to visit here along with the other places.

Bali – The Indonesian Island is ranked as best destinations of the world!


Bali is known for its volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reefs and rice paddies which are surrounded by blue seas. Sometimes they are known as the Hidden paradise that attracts many numbers are visitors during festival celebrations.  Bali is cute and has a lot of picturesque views that are rich in cultural habitat. Enjoy the beauty of nature at this small island by exploring its beauty!

Hong Kong – The top city in Asia for conservation!

Hong Kong

It is a beautiful city that holds a lot of natural and cultural heritage and emphasis on conservation. Following the Chinese architecture, there are a lot of parks, gardens, and other places to visit in Hong Kong are special and attract more visitors. It is densely populated and is known for its best shopping centers. The sky-scrappers and most famous Disney land will leave you studded! This is the best place for those who travel with friends and family!

These are the best destinations and the most exciting places to visit in 2016. Are you ready for a trip now? Well, Contact here for best and cheapest packages!!

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