How to Make A FoolProof Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary

Going on a much needed vacation? If you are still in a phase of deciding your vacation destination, then stop right there. This article is especially for you. We have curated a list of things that make sure you have the perfect travel itinerary.

Planning your vacation can be super simple if one does a proper research and planning well ahead before the trip. From booking flight tickets, hotel reservations, car rental inquiries to making sure that you don’t miss any major tourist spots there are a number of activities to be organized and planned. However, if you make the perfect travel itinerary then you can have a stress free vacation.

Write It Down

Travel Itinerary

A sure shot way to make sure you never forget a thing is to jot it down. Make a list using Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, or any other online writing app. This can help you to access all the details about your destination whether its maps, photos, web links, contact information of various hotels and tourist attraction, currency rate etc. Once you have all these important details on paper keep refereeing to it throughout the planning of your vacation. Also, remember to add little check marks to things as they are completed.

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Proper research

Travel Itinerary

Make most of your time in exploring your favorite destination by doing a complete research of the activities you truly wish to do. It can be either roaming around the city or street shopping or enjoying your favorite cuisine or even just chilling. Do you want an adventurous trip or you just want to take a break and relax? Know the answers to these important questions so you can have a vacation of your dreams.  Once you know your travel goals, then make sure you scrounge the internet or people who have already been there to have full information about things like weather, culture and the people of the place.

 Arrange the locations

Travel Itinerary

Plan your journey according to the sections of the cities and cover all the activities you wish to do in particular city or town. Always have a map while you are out exploring the city.

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Reservation for time-based events

Travel Itinerary

Certain tourist attractions are open only for specific days and are time-based events. For example, if a city is well known for its cultural museum, then make sure you know the one day it’s closed for maintenance so your visit doesn’t clash with the holiday. Such places are mostly closed on a weekday and are open on the weekend. Make sure you reserve the appropriate date and time for that particular event so not to miss out the tourist spot.

Make plans for free time

Travel Itinerary

While on a vacation there is bound to be some free time on your hands. So instead of sitting idle why not just squeeze some time for activities in that specific location to make best of your free time.

Plan for contingencies

Travel Itinerary

No one can predict the future so the best we can do is be prepared for it no matter what. The itinerary is helpful to keep a track of the events and do not hinder your journey. Make a reservation for jetlag, rest, sleep, and food. There is a possibility of unexpected opportunities or hiccups like a flight delay or reaching late to any tourist area, so take in accounts of such unexpected events and make some room for flexibility.

Be Realistic

Travel Itinerary

It’s not possible to cover everything in your destination if you keep running after every tourist attraction then you’ll be exhausted at the end of your trip. If you stumble on a  beautiful art gallery and wish to stay there and enjoy it, then it’s no big deal. Anyway, your main purpose of traveling is enjoying and relaxing.

Hope, these simple and easy travel itinerary will make most of your travel time. Happy Holidays! Happy Travelling!

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