My Nigerian Shopping Adventure

It’s no surprise that we women are obsessed with shopping. I am no different the moment I landed in Lagos a city in Nigeria; my first question was where the market is? It didn’t take me very long to realize that one of the most popular places here to shop was the Lekki market. Very popular spots for tourist it became my number one priority. The next morning as soon as I finished my breakfast I headed to the market for a new shopping adventure. The whole experience was completely surreal even for someone like me who has seen her share of flea markets. I picked up three main pointers for anyone who’s going to be visiting there:

1. The Culture And People of Lekki Market

Shopping Adventure

Here’s the thing. Don’t even try to act like a local here because a tourist can’t fit in. In fact, you are better off being a traveler here.  Be ready for the huge amount of crowds in the Lekki Market. Make sure all your money and other essentials are tucked in safely. A common practice that you should be aware of is that once you reach there, a small boy will start following you and as you keep shopping he will take your bags and keep delivering it back to your car. At the end of your trip make sure you pay him. In any case, you don’t require his service be very polite in declining the offer, but my suggestion will be to take the help as they will take you to the best shops as well like you own little tour guide.

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2. Bargain Just Bargain 

Shopping Adventure

As I already mentioned before this is a street market. The shopkeepers seeing that you are a tourist will try to rob you as much as possible but don’t let them. You have to bargain with an extreme enthusiasm and gusto. Don’t be disrespectful to the sellers but make sure you keep your point forward. If at any moment you are feeling cheated just move forward there is a chance you would get better deals ahead.

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3. Shopping: Things To Buy

Shopping Adventure

In my shopping adventure, i saved the best for the last. So, I strongly suggest that you make a budget before leaving otherwise like me you might end up bankrupt. Name a thing, and you will find it here from crockery to home décor, clothes, shoes, artifacts everything. For a hoarder like me, it was pure bliss. I hopped from one shop to another, wood work is extremely famous here make sure to buy that and as for apparel don’t worry the bright, loud and vibrant colors will come calling to you.

A Final trip doesn’t forget the permitted baggage amount, or like me, you would end up paying extra while flying back home. But it was completely worth it.

Stay tuned with us for more such travel stories from all over the world and we will keep you posted with our shopping adventure regularly.

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