Singapore- Best Tourists Spot and Its 7 Major Attractions

Best Tourists Spot

Planning for the holiday? Where to go? Which country fits in your budget? What are the major attractions we should look? I am sure these types of questions do arise in your mind while planning for vacations. Well, I have a suggestion that suits all your needs and that is “Singapore“.

 Yes, other than just high-end shopping places, fine dining, and hotels this country has many more attractive places to offer, with a blend of both Asian and European cultures. Here are some top best tourist spots of Singapore that I think you should visit.

1. Marina Bay

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If you are going to search for top destinations in Singapore, this spectacular place will be there at the top of every blog or article. Marina Bay has been with the enormous magical transformation from all these years. Places to explore at marina bay are marina bay complex of $5.7 billion grossing value, casinos, science museum, resorts, theaters, nightlife lounges, and plenty of luxurious dining options. You can also catch a magnificent light show at the night time or could enjoy indoor ice skating while you’re there.

2. Chinatown- the second best tourist spot

Best Tourists spot

Be it in the titles of the movie or some phrase, this name has been iconic and the place more iconic. If you want to be familiar with all the culture and food of the China, this place is a must. You can visit Chinatown for budget shopping and to explore authentic Chinese foods. The place is decorated with beautiful red and golden lanterns which put more emphasis on the glorious history of Chinatown.

 3. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

The sky-high giant Ferris wheel is visible to the naked eye and even to the ones who are not looking for it. It was one of the largest Ferris wheels with the height 165 meters when it was first opened in 2008. You can enjoy the 30 minutes of beautiful view with your family by sipping tea and coffee. It is open on weekdays as well as on weekends from 8:00 to 10:30 PM.

4. Gardens by the bay

Gardens by bay

It comes 4th in the best tourist spots in Singapore. If you are among the garden strollers, you are definitely going to love this place. This futuristic garden is colorful and huge, overall it’s dreamy. The garden has epic large super tree groves, sea- shell shaped greenhouses and other vibrant plants to discover. The Gardens by the Bay was also crowned the best building if the year in 2012.

5. Raffles Hotel


You must be wondering that why would someone place a hotel among the list of must visit places. Well, there’s a very strong reason to support this choice. Raffles Hotel has been a hit among tourists due to its colonial history and how it came to life. Even many legendary authors like Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway, and Somerset Maugham stayed here. The museum oh the hotel is on the 3rd floor, and the doorman of the hotel is a uniformed man with a turban who gives the introduction of the hotel at the entrance.

6. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple


If you are familiar with Chinese culture, you must be familiar with a fact that Chinese people worship Lord Buddha. The tooth relic temple of Lord Buddha was built in the late 1980s, located in central Chinatown.

7. Night Safari

Night Safari

This place is for adventurers who are not afraid of the night and are sick of partying all night long. You can either explore while taking a tram or could also walk your own trails. They also help you educate about how the endangered or threatened species are preserved with the help of breeding programs. And you are not going to find more safaris like this one because it is one of the world’s first-night safari parks.

Sounds interesting, well you must go and visit “Singapore” which is one of the best tourists spot for adventurous and exciting vacations. Get the Best Deal here!

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