Top 5 tourist attractions in Miami!


The holiday season is round the corner, and it’s time for you to plan a great vacation with your family. Have you discussed with your friends regarding the places of your interest? You might have come up with a lot of suggestions and ideas, but the final decision should be discussed with your family members so that it excites everyone.

While planning, you need to consider the month you will be visiting the place and find out if it is suitable to travel to your destination during that month so that there are no disappointments after reaching there. Talk a lot, do a lot of research, plan your budget and finally choose the destination. If you have shortlisted the place as Miami, here are few must-to-visit places in the beautiful city located on the Atlantic coast in South Eastern Florida.

1. Art Deco District

When you are in Miami, don’t miss a chance to visit the historic places that was built in the year 1923 to 1943. There are more than 800 structures that have great historical importance. You can find the buildings with glass blocks, shiny chromes, terrazzo floors, ship railings, porthole windows which attracts visitors across the world. You can go by walk, exploring the beautiful building that stands majestic and holds their pride!

Park Central – This hotel have been a first preference for most of the Hollywood stars. The original building was built in the year 1930 and later in the year 1987, the hotel was reconstructed to look same as the original one.

Lummus Park – There are famous hotels that are close to the beach and their neon signs at night give the whole place a stunning look. When you walk down the road, you can listen to musicians playing guitars and bongos in the park.

Art Deco Welcome Centre– Walk few more steps to find the glass tower that resembles a light house and when you walk furthermore, you will reach the Art Deco Welcome Centre that was developed in the year 1976 which takes the responsibility to preserve and restore the artistic buildings that were built many years ago.

It doesn’t end there; you have best hotels and buildings like Clevelander, Casa Casaurina, Tides Hotel, Front Porch Café and Restaurant, National Hotel Raleigh Hotel, Saga more, Delano and more. If you have interest towards artistry works, you should never miss these.

2. Jungle Island

Do you want to see some wild animals and birds? You can spend a whole day admiring more than 1000 animals, birds and plant species. This place was known as Parrot Jungle Island earlier. The birds are left to fly free, and you can see many varieties of parrots and exotic birds here at the Jungle Island. If you are travelling to Miami with your children, you should definitely include this place in your itinerary as this place is loved most by the children.

You can see a lot of animal specials like a tiger, orang-utans, crocodiles and more. There are also shows organised trained birds and you can see the birds obeying the master’s command that is exciting to watch. This place provides an educational atmosphere for the younger kids who can get a close look at the animals and learn from it. They also organise various field trips and other activities in the Jungle Island.

If your kid has interest in biology or if you wish to develop his skills in biology, this is the right place to have a quick look at the animal life, plant species and also some reptiles and birds. There are different shows like tiger show, Serpentarium and Winged wonders that are being conducted at a specific time. If you want to watch them all, you need to plan your schedule accordingly. The Jungle Island is open to public from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening every day.

Let your children have some fun time learning the habitat of animals, birds and plants!

3. Miami Sea Aquarium

Entertaining and educational experience is guaranteed when you are at Miami Sea Aquarium, which was started in the year 1955. The place has been developed well, and there are more shows and presentations every day. You can be at the beaches in luxury and party hard along with the dolphins and fishes. You have a sea aquarium in the Virginia Key Island in Biscayne Bay, Miami-Date County Florida, and it is also located near Downtown Miami. The Sea Aquarium in Downtown is the biggest oceanarium in the United States which has dolphins, Marine Mammals and lot of fish varieties. You can also see turtles, birds, manatees, reptiles and sharks in there.

It is an interesting place to visit, and there are more than 600 000 visitors per year. When you book your holidays in Miami, you should visit this place and spend some time swimming along with the dolphins kissing them! There are a lot of sea animal shows and presentations organised here, and it attracts both kids and adults. It is one of the educational places where a child can learn about the features of sea animals and fishes.

Miami has a tropical climatic condition that allows outdoor marine shows throughout the year. The show includes killer whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, sea lions and the famous Manatee of Florida. The shows differ from the day after the day, and if you wish to see anything in particular, you can visit the website and the plan it for the day. You have various shows like dolphin show, killer whale show and feeding and trainer presentation that should not be missed at all.

4. South Beach

How could you miss the beach when you are in Miami? South Beach is known as the top most tourist attraction and all tourists who visit Miami, Florida does not miss a chance to visit this beach. South Beach is being located in the East of Miami between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to relax with your family, you can be here breathing in fresh air. If you wish to take a sun bath, this is the perfect beach where you can spend a whole day lying idle, enjoying people.

If you are bored of watching the sun and the sea, you can go for a quick shopping on the beach and get some exotic items that you can carry back home. The beach is alive even during the late evenings and nights. You can see a lot of people partying on the beach, and there is more crowds during the nights rather than the day.

Everyone have their own personal choices, and the beach offers you the best place to watch the blue water, enjoy nature, sleep under the sun or do the shopping! There are a lot of hotels near the beach that you can check in and have some great time watching the sea from the windows. Young or old, male or female, everyone loves to be at the beach doing their own stuff so when you are Miami, don’t forget to take rest at the beach and click some beautiful pictures that will talk memories!

5. Coral Castle

It is a privately operated tourist attraction of Miami. Coral Castle is also called as the Rock Gate which is located in between Florida and Miami. It was built by Edward Leedskalnin who was a Latvian immigrant who died in the year 1951. Most of the castle is built of limestone formed from the coral, and they are also known as megalithic stones. Every stone weighs several tons, and it is one of the best places to visit in Miami.

This place shows the talents of engineering capacity that hold tones of carved coral rocks. It is also an important historic place to visit in Florida. There is a story behind the Coral Castle that Edward Leedskalnin had built this castle with his own hands using his engineering talents. It almost took more than 30 years for him to finish the castle, and he did not allow anyone to see while he was working. Some of them believe that the corals have been carved using paranormal powers since a single man cannot handle the task all alone.

You need to witness the marvellous creation by yourself so that you understand the uniqueness of the castle and your jaws will drop by looking at the majestic coral that has been hand carved! There are tourist guides who will take you to the castle explaining the details of it, and it will take at least 45 minutes for the entire session. Don’t miss out this spot that is unique and a different place of interest in Miami.

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